DOTA 2: How To Show FPS

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The term FPS in the world games not just means first-person shooter, but also framerate per second. This FPS indicates how smooth is the game you are playing, regardless of which platform you are using.

Games which are at least 30 FPS are already viable, although some may even be listed at 60 FPS or greater which of course would mean a smoother gaming experience. Although in DOTA 2, setting the game in high FPS could affect your experience because of the possible lags that might occur.


But how can you show the FPS on DOTA 2? Keep reading to know more.

How To Show FPS In DOTA 2

Go to your game’s settings then look for the Options tab and select Advanced Options.

Choose the Display Network option, and it will now automatically show your FPS located at the top right corner of the window every time you play DOTA 2.


How To Increase FPS In DOTA 2

The best way to have a decent FPS is to lower your graphics.

You can go to the Basic Settings and select Rendering. Set it to the ‘Fastest’ option afterwards.

You may also opt to choose the Advanced Settings once again and disable all the extra effects. Adjusting the Texture, Effects, and Shadow Quality to the lowest possible level can also help increase your FPS.


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