DOTA 2: How To Self Cast With Quick Cast

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In DOTA 2, you can do self-cast or quick cast in games.

This will allow you to save time when using skills during games. But it’s up to you on how you may utilize any one of these, but can you actually self-cast with quick cast?

Keep reading to find out more.

How To Self-Cast With Quick Cast

There are a few ways on how you can self-cast with quick cats in DOTA 2.

One is through placing your mouse cursor over your hero whenever you would quick cast at any point in the game.

You can also enable another key set for your normal cast manually. Just double-tap it when you want to self-cast.

And there is also an available option for you to self-cast with quick cast by pressing and holding the Alt key along with the designated hotkey for the cast.

All of these mentioned may seem a bit tricky to do, but in reality, it’s not. Just follow these methods and to self-cast with quick-cast would be possible in DOTA 2.

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