DOTA 2: How To Open Mic

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Communications is definitely one of the biggest factors for your team to win a game in DOTA 2.

And one way you can showcase this is by communication through the game’s open mic feature wherein you can get to talk real time with your teammates by speaking. You just need to do some steps first before you can utilize this.


Here’s everything you need to know on how you can open mic in DOTA 2.

How To Open Mic In DOTA 2

Opening your mic in DOTA 2 is very simple to do.

You just have to go first to the game icon located at your game Settings and choose the Audio tab.


From there, make sure that the Sound Device and Speaker Configuration options are being set to default.

Then just activate the Voice (Party), as well as setting the key for the Push To Talk feature to work every time you want to talk to your teammates.

You can also find there the Open Mic Threshold to set your microphone according to your own preference in terms of gain and other recording and output aspects.

Let the game begin!

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