DOTA 2: How To Open Bundle

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Bundles in DOTA 2 can really give bundles of joy!

But of course, you need to open it first to know what it can really provide you. If you keep it closed then what would actually be the sense of having it in the first place, right?


With that, here’s how to open bundle in DOTA 2.

How To Open Bundle in DOTA 2

Opening your bundle in DOTA 2 is ‘easy peasy.’

Just go to your inventory and go to the top right corner of the screen. Look for the middle button with the ‘Armory’ label and click it.


Once done, you may now see your bundles and have them unbundled by selecting each one of those.

Now it’s your time to unlock those treasures and chests. And it can be your way to notch those prizes and stuff that you can use in DOTA 2.

Well, it should do that. But regardless of what you’ll get then at least, you will get something.

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