Dordle Words - What Are the Dordle Word Answers Today?

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Image of a successful attempt in the Dordle daily mode
June 16, 2022: We added today's Dordle words to our list for Thursday.

If doing one daily Wordle is too easy, but juggling four at once is too hard, then our Dordle words list will definitely come in handy. This offshoot of the classic word-guessing formula is slightly trickier, as you have to answer two separate grids in one go. It'll require all of your mettle, so we're here to help get you over the line.

Our Dordle word list will run through the two daily solutions to each Dordle challenge, so you never need to risk losing your coveted streak. We'll also give you some tips on how to play Dordle, as well as the best starting words, and how you can play puzzles from previous days.

Once you're done with Dordle, you may want to try out other games of a similar style. Check out our Wordle clue list for a bit of help in the one that started it all. We've also got the daily Hogwartle word, Wordle 2 word, and even some a Lewdle answer list if you're feeling a bit risqué.

What Are the Dordle Words Today? - June 16, 2022


What Is Dordle?

Dordle is very similar to word-guessing games like Wordle, with a distinct twist. Instead of searching for just a single hidden word, you're instead trying to find two at once.

The killer twist, though, is that you get only one extra guess based on the increased challenge. It'll require efficient guesses, and a bit of luck, to claim your point for the day.

Image of a blank grid on the Free Dordle mode in Dordle
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How Do I Play Dordle?

Luckily, the actually gameplay behind Dordle will be very familiar to anyone who's played this style of game. You have to guess two words of five letters each, in seven guesses.

You start off by simply plugging in a word, and once you submit your guess you'll see how close you are. A grey tile means the letter isn't in the word, orange means it's in the word but the wrong place, and green means you've got it just right.

Of course, the increased challenge comes with running two grids at once. This is the same concept as seen in games like Quordle, but slightly easier as it's two words instead of four. Keep plugging away with your guesses, and hopefully you'll end up with the answer.

What Is The Best First Dordle Word?

It's always a good idea to start with a word riddled with vowels. Since they're almost always likely to come up in the target word, it's a good way to all but guarantee a few orange tiles in the early stages.

As such, a Dordle word like AUDIO can really help get things going. A word like SNAKES is useful too, having both a vowel and the S that's often a marker of a plural word.

How Can I Play Previous Dordle Challenges?


The good news is that if you've completed the day's Dordle already, you can still enjoy some other puzzles. If you play around with your device's calendar settings, you'll be able to spoof your date to make the game think you're in the past - or future!

Simply head to your device settings and tweak the date, before refreshing the Dordle website. This will then bring up a fresh challenge for you to take on, so the fun never has to stop.

On top of that, on the main Dordle site there's a mode called 'Free Dordle'. This is an endless arcade mode that lets you simply play a new puzzle once you've completed the initial one.

It won't count towards your daily streak, and it won't align with the daily words seen in our list above, but it's a good way to keep Dordle going as you wait for the next daily puzzle. Until then, though, try guessing something like today's Worldle country while you wait.

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