DOOM Eternal's PS5 Version Won't Import Your Save

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DOOM Eternal's next-gen upgrades have arrived for players on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, and the free upgrade enables higher resolutions, better frame rates, and faster loading times.

It's also, unfortunately, got some issues on PlayStation 5, with Sony's latest console not playing nicely with PS4 version saves.


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DOOM Eternal's PS5 Version Won't Import Your Save

Because of the way Sony's storefront handles multiple versions of a game, many players had to circumnavigate a clunky interface to redeem the PS5 version, only to find that the save won't carry over.

In previous cross-generation titles like Marvel's Avengers, you could upload your save from within the last-gen version of the game, switch to the PS5 version, and redownload. The same occurs for Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade.


That's in stark contrast to the Xbox ecosystem. Smart Delivery was seen by many as a buzzword at the start of the generation, but with Xbox consoles downloading the correct version every time, it's shown to be much more useful in practice - especially with PS4 and PS5 versions being separate download options.

Microsoft's cloud save system, returning from the Xbox One generation, also ensures data is always up to date. From early testing, it appears that even cloud-based saves for the PS4 version won't carry across to DOOM Eternal's PS5 update.

How To Install PS5 Version of DOOM Eternal:

  • Open the PlayStation Store on your PS5.
  • Redeem and install 'DOOM Eternal Campaign - PS5 Upgrade'.
  • In your Game Library, click the menu on DOOM Eternal and select 'PS5 | DOOM Eternal' to begin the download.