DOOM Eternal 2021 Updates: What Comes Next From Bethesda and id Software

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Since Doom Eternal's release last year, it's received strong post-launch support from Bethesda. While they've been running a free battle pass-style system for cosmetics, we've seen some hefty DLC expansions with The Ancient Gods, which arrived in two parts.

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Acting as a standalone expansion, The Ancient Gods brought further resolution to Doom Eternal's storyline, showing the aftermath of the Doom Slayer's victory against the Khan Maykr. Since then, fans have wondered what's next for this latest entry, and here's everything we know.

Latest News


DOOM Eternal's Getting A Single-Player Horde Mode - July 2, 2021

Bethesda's just announced a new single-player Horde Mode is coming to DOOM Eternal, replacing the previously promised Invasion Mode. You can find out more here.

DOOM Eternal's PS5 And Xbox Series X|S Versions Have Gone Live - June 29, 2021

DOOM Eternal's PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions are now available, offered as a free upgrade for existing owners on PS4 and Xbox One. However, PS5 players cannot import their save.

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part 1 Launches On Switch Today - June 15, 2021

As confirmed within Nintendo's E3 2021 presentation, the first part of DOOM Eternal's DLC campaign has just launched today on Switch.

DOOM Eternal Will Receive Ray Tracing And DLSS Updates - May 31, 2021

During Nvidia's Computex presentation, they announced Doom Eternal's PC edition would receive Vulkan Ray Tracing and DLSS support. You can watch this in action here.


Future Updates

Having launched in December 2020 on Switch - nine months later than other platforms - Doom Eternal players on Nintendo's hybrid console are still awaiting both parts of The Ancient Gods DLC.

Elsewhere, following the release of The Ancient Gods - Part Two, game director Hugo Martin and executive producer Marty Stratton posted a video statement to id Software’s Twitter account. During this, Stratton advised fans to “Stay tuned, because we’ve got more Doom Eternal updates coming later this year”.

Around that time, Martin had separately confirmed to Polygon that while Eternal's particular story arc ended with Part Two, he believed “there are more stories to tell with the Doom Slayer, for sure".

Martin goes on to discuss some possibilities, saying "I think as you play the DLC, too, you’ll see lots of hints of what we could do moving forward" but didn't outright confirm any plans.

Horde Mode

As part of a wider update about DOOM Eternal's future, developers id Software announced that Invasion Mode has been cancelled, though it'll be replaced by a single-player Horde Mode option. We don't know when that's releasing yet, but we'd expect it'll arrive later this year.


Doom Eternal VR?

Back in January, a rating from The Australian Classification Board confirmed Id Software were working on a new title, simply codenamed "Project 2021A". Receiving an R18+ classification, this was noted as having references to "high impact" violence and strong themes.

Curiously, this was an almost identical classification to what DOOM Eternal received upon being rated. Considering Bethesda's previous work in VR, it's led to speculation we could see Doom Eternal VR, similar to how DOOM 2016 got DOOM VFR a year later. You can read more here.