DNF Duel Launches in Summer 2022, While Ghostblade Joins the Roster

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Over the weekend, Neople and Arc System Works provided new information on DNF Duel. Introducing a new character called Ghostblade, they also revealed the release window for this fighting game.

As seen in the official trailer, DNF Duel's roster has been outlined once again. From intros to super moves, the initial 10-character roster can be spotted here. However, they've added a fresh face into the mix.


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DNF Duel: Release Window Confirmed for Mid-2022, Ghostblade Added to Roster

Ghostblade is a pale swordsman with a talisman bound arm. One of the Male Slayer's sub-classes, this character mixes his own swordsmanship with another ghastly swordsman spirit as he fights. So far, this character's intro and super move has been showcased, but they weren't included in the open beta.


We've also got a release window confirmed thanks to this trailer, and Neople and Arc System Works are planning a Summer 2022 release. As such, we can expect it around June to August next year. For now, we'll have to wait for further updates to see if the initial roster and release date change anytime soon.