DNF Duel: Rollback Netcode Confirmed, Character Move Lists Available, Gameplay Systems Showcased

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Having outlined the initial roster, Neople and Arc System Works are slowly confirming more details about Dungeon Fighter Duel's gameplay features. Looking at the game's online play and HP, they've also outlined the character movesets.

As seen on DNF Duel's Twitter, the developers confirmed this fighting game also implements rollback netcode, assuring that this title's online multiplayer battles will have a stable connection similar. That's similar to other Arc System Works titles, like Guilty Gear Strive and BlazBlue Centralfiction.

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DNF Duel: Rollback Netcode Confirmed, Character Move Lists Available, Gameplay Systems Showcased

Going further, they've also released a resource website detailing the cast's moveset. From Berserker to Crusader, players can find all of their character's moves and playstyle in this site. DNF Duel utilises a simple control scheme, similar to Dragonball FighterZ and Granblue Fantasy Versus. Special moves are limited to quarter circle and dragon punch inputs at best. Even your super input is only a single button, when Awakening mode is activated.

Lastly, Neople and Arc System Works also revealed DNF Duel's HP system through a recent trailer, where players lose health as White Health and Red Health. White Health is accumulated from blocking hits, and this damage can be healed if the player doesn't get hit in the next few seconds. Meanwhile, Red Health damage is taken when the character receives direct hits. This health is not recoverable by waiting around in the match.

Other than these two features, players can win rounds and matches through reducing their opponent's health to zero, as you'd expect. Hopefully, they'll release further information soon, but we'll have to wait further for any release date news.

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