DNF Duel: Hitman Joins Roster as 6th Character, More Characters Incoming

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Alongside the recent open beta announcement, Neople and Arc System Works confirmed Hitman as the sixth character joining Dungeon Fight Duel's roster.

Having confirmed the first wave of fighters, Hitman kicks off a new set of reveals for DNF Duel, with at least another four being showcased before release. Here's what we know so far.


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How This Character Is Going To Play

As seen in the trailer below, Hitman's an aged fighter with significant agility and acrobatics, handling an SMG and an Ōdachi in battle. Hitman showcases agile sword swings and nimble shooting, which fills most of the screen.


From what we've seen, Hitman could be an all-rounder with special attack options for continuing offense. This character has special moves on the ground and in the air. In the original game, the Hitman subclass was known for its offering speed, agility, and damage to a party.

However, it's possible he doesn't let his foes guard special moves, as its often a rule that flashier moves are heavily punishable when blocked. Nevertheless, Dungeon Fighter Duel's system of "special move to special move" cancels can help Hitman capture foes trying to punish him, providing there's more special moves available to use.

More Fighters Incoming

Other than Hitman, the developers teased four more characters are joining the roster, bumping this up to ten fighters. Many Dungeon Fighter Online fans might recognize some characters based on their silhouettes, but we'll have to wait for an official announcement.


If Neople and Arc System Works follow their previous reveal pattern, the next character could be shown two days from now.