DNF Duel: All The Game Systems Found In Open Beta

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Last weekend, Neople and Arc System Works launched the first open beta of Dungeon Fighter Duel on PlayStation 4 and PS5, releasing some resource videos before it started. However, the open beta itself introduced more of the game's systems when the players got their hands on it.

As seen through official resource videos released on Youtube, we've been introduced to some of the DNF Duel's health and conversion systems. Here's what we've learned.

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Health System

Characters can take red health and white health as damage from their foe's attacks. When a player blocks attacks, their character takes white health damage. This health can be healed up later if they don't get hit or be spent on Conversion to recover extra MP meter for skills. However, taking a direct hit issues red health damage, which is permanent and irrecoverable until the round ends.

Conversion system

The Conversion system is also directly tied with DNF Duel's health systems. When a player has white health, players can choose to convert all of that to MP if they wish, but it can also allows players to cancel any move's animation and continue attacking almost immediately.

MP Use

Players can spend MP to use the special moves of their characters in the game. Using too much MP will force characters to reach Exhaustion, where they can't use skills until their MP starts regenerating again. Meanwhile, characters have more MP as health drops to more dangerous levels. Some longer combos can only be accessed if they're hurt to a certain extent.

Other than skills, players can also use the Guard Cancel move to interrupt their foe's pressure while blocking. For 100 MP, pressing forward and the A and B attack buttons will make the character do an interrupting attack that will send their foes flying if successful. Make sure to use this move to escape situations where foes doesn't stop on continuing pressure.


Untackled Systems

DNF Duel has some features which weren't tackled in the YouTube videos. In battle, players can score some Brutal Hits and Critical Hits on their foes. During combos, players obtain white health when hitting foes with several normals. To prevent foes from using that recoverable health, players can add a special MP skill attack in the combo to make a Critical Hit to delete the white health in that combo. Meanwhile, the Brutal Hit works like an improved Counter Hit if a special MP move is used to interrupt a foe's attack.

Lastly, characters have unique passives in matches. To access these, players must lose enough health until 30% of their HP remains. These passives have varied effects and can be accessed even if the player can heal above 30% health again. On low health, players can use their Awakening super moves at the cost of losing the passive for the rest of the round. Missing the super also removed the passive, so use it wisely.

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