Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny Introduces an Accessible Netherworld

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The Disgaea saga continues with Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny set for release on Nintendo Switch in summer 2021.

Disgaea 6 is the first new Disgaea game since 2015’s Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance and introduces a number of new features to help streamline some of the series’ more obtuse elements.


The storyline is as Disgaea as you’d expect.

Zed the zombie goes on a journey to destroy the God of Destruction, and his motives are more noble than most zombies would be.

He wants to make a better world for his sister.

Of course, this is Disgaea, so Zed is just as foul-mouthed and dreadful as you’d expect from a Netherworld zombie.

So far, it seems like Disgaea 6 is a Switch exclusive, though that might change a few months after release.

Disgaea 6 Release Date

Disgaea 6 releases on June 20, 2021, for Nintendo Switch.


Disgaea 6 PS4?

Disgaea 6 released on PS4 in Japan.

However, it seems like it’s a Switch exclusive, at least for now.

NIS America mentioned they have nothing to say at the moment on whether Disgaea 6 will also make it to PS4 at any point.

Disgaea 6 Trailer

NIS America released several trailers so far.

Here's a Disgaea 6 story trailer:


And a Disgaea 6 system trailer:

Disgaea 6 DLC

Disgaea 6 received character DLC, among other things, in Japan, and the Western release is getting some as well.

First is a free character pack that includes:

  • Adell (Disgaea 2) with Vulcan Blaze attack
  • Rozalin (Disgaea 2) with Crest Roses attack
  • Girl Laharl (Disgaea D2) with Magma Geyser EX attack
  • Asagi (Disgaea 4) with Stratus Drive attack

There will be other in-game purchases as well.


Disgaea 6 Characters

NIS America has revealed a few of the game’s characters aside from Zed so far.

  • Bieko — Zed’s sister. Adores her “bubby.”
  • Cerberus — Zed’s deadpan, dead dog
  • Princess Melodia — An airhead, though she denies it
  • Majolene — Teacher and magical girl
  • Piyori Nijino — Prism Ranger, fighter for justice
  • Ivar — Ruler of the world. Actually he isn’t, but it keeps him happy
  • Misedor — King of the human world. What he can’t buy with gold, he crushes with gold

There's a character trailer that shows off more about these as well.


Disgaea 6 Classes

As with every new Disgaea game, Disgaea 6 introduces some new classes.

  • Mecha Girl
  • Psychic
  • Evil Eye
  • Pincer Shell

What’s New in Disgaea 6?

Disgaea 6 adds several new features to improve accessibility.

Super Reincarnation is the flagship new feature that lets Zed reincarnate with new strength every time he dies.

That sits alongside replay and retry features to help fix mistakes you might make during battle.


Auto battle takes the slog out of grinding and makes it easier to just enjoy the story.

The juice bar finally lets you level up your characters with ease even if they don’t join you in combat.