Disco Elysium: How to Find Ruby

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After investigating the central murder in Disco Elysium for a while, you’ll need to find Ruby, a prominent member of the Hardie Boys. We’ll show you how to find Ruby, and all the steps you need to take to uncover her for good.

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Where to Find Ruby in Disco Elysium

Ruby is hidden in the Land’s End, the area to the North-West of the Fishing Village across the water lock, but more specifically she’s hiding under the Feld Building. This is a large brick building with a huge mural painted on it near the boardwalk. If you’re still having trouble picking it out, there’s sometimes a parent and his kid looking at it.

How to Pass the Feld Building Mural Shivers Check

However, you still need to pass a check to realise that Ruby is here and essentially “trigger” the quest to explore the building itself. Interact with the mural on the Feld Building to attempt a Shivers check (difficulty 7). It’s a very difficult check, but there’s also a lot of things that’ll decrease the difficulty. The more of these you do, the easier it’ll be to pass it.

  • Get your gun back.
  • Examine and reconstruct the execution scene at the boardwalk.
  • Check the empty traps for Morell, the Cryptozoologist.
  • Discover Lena’s true story through dialogue and completing her quests.
  • Use the payphone on the boardwalk until you talk to Dolores Dei.
  • Help Soona and Egg Head with their project at the church.
  • Set up the church nightclub.
  • Attempt to open the door to the Land’s End Bunker (it still works even if you fail).
  • Go on a date with Lilliene.
  • Identify the body at the boardwalk and inform the wife at the apartments.
  • Find Idiot Doom Spiral’s Jacket at the fish market and have it washed at the nearby village.

You can also do yourself a favour by wearing clothes that boost your Shivers score, such as the RCM patrol cloak. If you fail at any point, complete some more of the tasks above and try again.

Disco Elysium feld building ruby location
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You need to pass this Shivers check before you can piece together where Ruby is hiding.

It may seem like these are unrelated tasks, but the idea is that as you explore Land’s End, you’re learning where Ruby isn’t, as well as developing a feeling and the intuition for the area. As you complete these tasks, you realise that the Feld Building is basically the only place she can be.

How to Get into the Feld Building

Now you know where Ruby is, you have to find a way into the building. You can attempt either a Physical Instrument check to open the pipe under the boardwalk, or a Savoir Faire check… to teleport up the ladder. Seriously. Either way, dress to compliment these skills.


Ruby’s Location

Once inside, head down. Ruby is in the basement, but we recommend saving first, as this will mark a point of no return, not to mention a scene where you can make several unalterable choices or even be killed outright.

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