Who is Diablo 4's Lilith?

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Diablo 4 is far on the horizon, and details about the next chapter in the Diablo story are few and far between.

What players do know is that the next baddie in the series is Lilith, though no one can be sure Diablo will not show up again.

Who exactly is Lilith in the Diablo lore, and what is she up to that requires her to steal the spotlight in the next major game in the series?

Lilith, Daughter of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred

Diablo 4 Lilith
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"By three they come. By three, thy way opens. By the blood of the willing, we call thee home. Hail, Daughter of Hatred. Creator of Sanctuary. Hail...Lilith."

Daughter of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred, and sister of Lucion.

She is the Queen of the Succubi and the lover of the Archangel Inarius.

Lilith grew tired of the Eternal Conflict between Heaven and Hell and disagreed with her father's methods, as well as Baal's and Diablo's.

Bored, she captured an angel, Inarius, during a battle, manipulating him to help her steal the Worldstone and create Sanctuary, the world Diablo players inhabit.

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Lilith, Mother of the Nephalem, The First Mother

Diablo 4 Creation mural
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BIRTH: The birth of the Nephalem

The pair's escape to their own world was not enough for Lilith, and eventually, she bore the children of Inarius, thus creating the Nephalem.

A combination of Angel and Demon, the first Nephalem, Rathma, was born.

More powerful than anyone could have imagined, the Nephalem, the renegades that escape the Eternal Conflict with Inarius and Lilith, wanted them executed.

This drove Lilith mad and changed her into a horrific monster, killing her fellow escapees.

Inarius banished her to the Void for this and then used the Worldstone to diminish the Nephalem's power over time.

Eventually, the Nephalem became Humanity.

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Lilith Returns

Diablo 4 Lilith
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Over the course of three Diablo games, Diablo has been thwarted time and time again.

The Black Soulstone has been destroyed, Baal defeated, and the fallen angel Malthael bought to justice.

In the power vacuum left behind the years of bloodshed by both the High Heavens and Burning Hells, Lilith returns to the world she helped create.

No one knows how she will react to the carnage laid upon her lands and her children.

Will she rise to help the people of Sanctuary or cleanse the realm to start over again?

A lot has happened since her banishment to the Void.


Lilith has played a hand in returning power to the Nephalem, taken other lovers, taken a throne, and fought against humankind in the Pandemonium Event, tossing her hand in with the Prime Evils.

Now, Lilith is summoned to Sanctuary once again, awakening the darkness in the hearts of humans.

It is here that Diablo 4 will pick up, and fans will discover her true motives.

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