How To Farm Treasure Goblins in Diablo 3?

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Diablo 3 narrates the story of the Nephalem, a warrior on a never-ending fight against the forces of the Burning Hell. This game presents you with the challenge of defeating demonic hordes across many places, and to be able to succeed on that you will need to keep our equipment updated, whether is our armor or our weapons. The Treasure Goblins can help you with that by dropping a variety of unique items, if you're fast enough to get them.

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What Are Treasure Goblins in Diablo 3?

Treasure Goblins are small and opportunist demons that steal riches, carrying them in their backpacks. They serve Greed, Baroness of the Treasure Realm, and once they gathered enough treasures, they travel across a portal back to The Vault, Greed's domain. There are several different types of Treasure Goblin, with each one differentiated by color. These are the blue Treasure Pygmy, the green Treasure Goblin, the red Treasure Seeker, the Treasure Bandit, and the Rainbow Goblin.

The Treasure Goblins will run around after you start chasing them, and they'll drop small piles of gold if you hit them. These serve as obtainable currency but also as a way to mark their path while you chase them. Killing them will spill the content of their backpacks onto the floor, which can be gold, equipment, or even Legendary items.

Every few seconds, the Goblin will try to escape, and you can interrupt that until you kill the goblin. After the release of Patch 2.1, there is a very small chance that the portal remains, leading to the Treasure Realm, where Greed can be fought.

All Treasure Goblin Types

In Adventure Mode, special variants of Goblins can be found. These will drop special items, and the higher the difficulty, the rarer the reward.

  • Blood Thief
  • Gem Hoarder
  • Gelatinous Sire
  • Gilded Baron
  • Insufferable Miscreant
  • Odious Collector
  • Malevolent Tormentor
  • Menagerist
  • Snitchley, Aspect of Greed
  • The Treasure Goblin

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How to Farm Treasure Goblins in Diablo 3?

Treasure Goblins can show up in the following zones, where you will be able to farm them if you plan a proper route. To do this route comfortably, you should have Adventure Mode unlocked.

Act I

  • Cave of the Moon Clan - Levels 1 and 2
  • Northern Highlands, the entire zone
  • Leoric’s Manor Courtyard
  • Royal Crypts
  • Cathedral - Level 2
  • Leoric's Passage

Act II

  • Western Channel - Levels 1 and 2
  • Eastern Channel - Levels 1 and 2
  • Sewers of Caldeum
  • Black Canyon Mines


  • The Core of Arreat
  • Tower of the Cursed - Levels 1 and 2
  • Towers of the Damned - Levels 1 and 2
  • The Bridge of Korsikk
  • Fields of Slaughter
  • Caverns of Frost - Levels 1 and 2

Act IV

  • Silver Spire - Levels 1 and 2

Act V

  • The Pandemonium Fortress - Levels 1 and 2

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