Diablo 3 Skeleton King: Location, How To Beat, Drops, and Quest Walkthrough

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Diablo 3 narrates your quest as the Nephalem, in a classic adventure that presents various demonic boss fights for you to defeat. While these demons appear in many forms, each one of them is a malefic deviant that must be destroyed for the good of humanity, or eventually, it will perish. The first major enemy you meet in the game is the Skeleton King, and today we will talk about him.

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Who is the Skeleton King in Diablo 3?

The Skeleton King is none other than the former Mad King of Tristram, King Leoric himself, back from the dead. Now an undead warrior that can summon skeletons, he will block the way between you and The Stranger, unless you defeat him. With various moves that prove him dangerous in combat, you must be prepared to face him in the quest “Reign of the Black King”.

Skeleton King Location In Diablo 3

This quest will take you to the Royal Crypts within Tristram Cathedral where Diablo was once captive, now in the search of a mysterious Meteor that fell from the sky. This same fallen star did bring King Leoric back as the Skeleton King, prompting you to go and defeat it if you want to New Tristram to remain free and safe, while also unveiling the mystery of the Stranger that fell from the heavens. After advancing through numerous levels, you will arrive at the Skeleton King chambers.

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Diablo 3 Skeleton King - Combat

Once the fight starts, the Skeleton King will use the following moves in battle:

  • Skeletal Swing: Leoric does a swipe at the player with his mace.
  • Wraith Walk: A ghost duplicate of the King moves towards the targeted player. The real King will then teleport where the duplicate is, taking a swing with his mace.
  • Summon Skeletons: Six minions will be summoned surrounding the player, twice. After the first cast, Leoric will teleport backward, getting out of the player's melee range.
  • March of the Black King: The Skeleton King spins in circles, doing moderate damage in a wide area, with the first hit dealing a lot of damage, but the following ones not so much.

This fight is pretty simple, you must keep moving around and hitting him as often as possible. Leoric is slow, and while he can teleport, you can easily predict his movements since they’re pretty simple. Just keep hitting him and taking distance as needed, and you should be fine.

Diablo 3 Skeleton King - Drops

The Skeleton King only has a notable drop, which is the Leoric’s Crown headpiece, related to the main story.

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