Diablo 3 Queen Araneae: Location, How To Beat, Drops, and Quest Walkthrough

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Diablo 3 narrates your quest as the Nephalem, in a classic adventure that presents various demonic boss fights for you to defeat. While these demons appear in many forms, some of them are especially strong, requiring a major effort for you to destroy them. One of those demon boss fights involves Queen Araneae, and today we will talk about her.

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Who is the Queen Araneae in Diablo 3?

Araneae was created by Lazarus during the age known as the During the Darkening of Tristram. While King Leoric was losing his mind, he ordered Lazarus to seal the caves under Tristram, in a paranoid effort to safeguard himself from the people he felt were threatening him. Lazarus made a group of spiders get inside the caves, led by Araneae, and after this none who entered the caves ever returned.

Queen Araneae Location In Diablo 3

More than twenty years later, Araneae bound the mystic Karyna in her lair, only for her to get rescued by the Nephalem, in the story quest "Trailing the Coven". This quest will take you to the Caverns of Araneae within the Wortham Bluffs, where she will wait for you in the Chamber of Queen Araneae. Once you reach the chambers, you must interact with Karyna to make the battle begin.

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Diablo 3 Queen Araneae - Combat

Once the fight starts, Queen Araneae will use the following moves in battle:

  • Vomit: Araneae will vomit a poisonous puddle onto the floor at your feet, dealing moderate damage over time.
  • Web Spit: Araneae will fire webs at the floor to slow you whenever you get out of melee range.
  • Charge: Araneae will charge at you and knock you back, usually before vomiting.
  • Summon Minions: Araneae will retreat and summon multiple Brood Daughters that will attack you.
  • Spiderlings: Araneae will summon tiny spiders that will attack you.

The fight is pretty straightforward. You must deplete her life while avoiding the poisonous puddles until she reaches a point where she will retreat. Kill all the minions that will spawn and prepare for the next phase, a process that will be repeated until she dies. Just keep in mind to keep moving, and stay away from the poisonous puddles, and you should be fine.

Diablo 3 Queen Araneae - Drops

Queen Araneae has no special drops in this fight.

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