Diablo 3 Patch Notes: Season 25 2.7.2 Update & Confirmed Changes

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Welcome hero, if you're reading this then there's a very good chance that there's a brand new update in Diablo 3, or potentially a significant patch released onto the games PTR. As such, it makes sense that you might be wondering what’s changed within the game. We're quite sure the demonic hordes of Diablo didn't get tougher overnight, so it's more than likely a patch has made some tweaks to the game you know and love.

It could be that your class of choice is no longer the Best Class In Diablo 3. Or that your favourite Necromancer Build is not actually that good anymore. Maybe Blizzard has made significant Item Changes. Frankly, it could be anything. This is why you must always read up on the latest Diablo 3 patch notes for the full lowdown on the games most recent updates.


As with all live service games, Diablo 3 is regularly updated by the dev team at Blizzard. Sometimes it's a small hotfix, other times it's a more major change ahead of the next season going live. Whatever the tweak, we’ll detail everything right here, from tiny hotfixes to the mammoth-sized new season drops. Without further ado, here are the latest Diablo 3 patch notes

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Latest News

7 December 2021 -


Patch 2.7.2 is now live in Diablo 3. Confirmed patch notes can be viewed further down the page.

4 November 2021 -

Patch 2.7.2 is now available on the Diablo 3 PTR (Public Test Realm), along with the new Soul Shards feature.

1 November 2021 -


The developers at Blizzard have announced the next major update to Diablo 3, laying the groundwork for Diablo 3 Season 25.

The two-week PTR testing period for the 2.7.2 update begins November 4 and as per usual, the developers are asking for your help "to quell the tides of surging demons", or bug fixes as they're more commonly known.

We've added the games latest patch notes below, but do note that these are just preliminary patch notes below and subject to change based on the testing period.

Diablo 3 Update 2.7.2 Patch Notes

Patch notes for Diablo 3 Update 2.7.2 were originally released on the games PTR. The full confirmed patch notes for this update can be found below and this represents the many new features and balance changes coming for the new Season: