How To Farm Blood Shards Fast in Diablo 3?

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Diablo 3 narrates the story of the Nephalem, a warrior on a never-ending fight against the forces of the Burning Hell. This game presents you with the challenge of defeating demonic hordes across many places, and to be able to succeed on that you will need to keep our equipment updated, whether is our armor or our weapons. The Blood Shards are a special currency that will allow you to get our hands in special equipment pieces.


What Are Blood Shards in Diablo 3?

The Blood shards drop from Horadric Caches and Rift Guardians, and they're are an alternate currency in the Adventure Mode of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. They can only be used to buy unidentified items from Kadala's shop, with a 10% chance to roll a legendary or Set item.

The prices of Kadala's shop are the following:

  • Weapons: 75 Shards.
  • Rings: 50 Shards.
  • Amulets: 100 Shards.
  • Armor, Off-Hand items, Shields: 25 Shards.

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How to Farm Blood Shards in Diablo 3?

Defeating Rift Guardians from Normal to Torment I difficulty will drop the same amount of Blood Shards, and this chance increases with every difficulty above Torment I. For extra Shards, you can hunt Blood Thieve, a version of Treasure Goblins that can only drop Blood Shards. In Greater Rifts, the amount also increases with Rank and is generally higher than in normal Rifts, so this is by far a more reliable method for farming Blood Shards.

You were usually able to carry a maximum amount of 500 Blood Shards, but after Update 2.2.0, you can extend that limit by 10 after you beat a new rank of Greater Rifts. This extension can stack up infinitely.


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