Diablo 3 Greed: Location, How To Beat, Drops, and Quest Walkthrough

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Diablo 3 narrates the story of the Nephalem, a warrior on a never-ending fight against the forces of the Burning Hell. While the demonic hordes coming from hell will present different shapes and forms, some of them are significantly stronger leaders in this hellish army, demanding a harder effort if you want to defeat them in battle. Today we will talk about the boss fight involving Greed, Baroness of the Treasure Realm.

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Who is Greed in Diablo 3?

Greed, Baroness of the Treasure Realm, is the queen of all the mischievous Treasure Goblins we encounter across Diablo 3. She resides in her own domain called The Vault or the Treasure Realm, where all the Treasure Goblins take the riches they amass as a tribute for their queen.

Where Is Greed In Diablo 3

Greed lives in the Inner Sanctum of The Vault, her own domain where the Treasure Goblins hoard the riches found across the worlds. Every time you kill a Treasure Goblin, there's a small chance that it will leave an opened portal you can cross to enter The Vault. The portal will only be possible to show up at level 70, and only in Adventure Mode. Once you unlock this area, you must progress through this area, at the end of which Greed waits as the final boss battle.

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How Do You Kill Greed in Diablo 3?

Once the fight starts, Greed will use the following moves in battle:

  • Smash: Greed does a heavy melee attack with her club.
  • Charge: Greed charges, dealing damage and knocking her enemies back as she advances. If she hit a wall doing this attack, a Treasure Fiend will fall from her back.
  • Shockwave: A fast attack that creates a piercing shockwave, leaving a crack in the ground that inflicts high damage and can knock you back.
  • Falling Chests: Greed summons a gold rain, followed by several chests raining, inflicting Physical damage.

Now, to be fair, this fight can be really easy since you can outrun her at any time, due to Greed's slow speed. Just be sure to hit her as much as you can and you should win in no time.

Diablo 3 Greed - Drops

Greed can drop the Legendary Gem known as Boon of the Hoarder. When you finish the fight, a massive chest will crush Greed, with a guaranteed chance of two Legendary items dropping.

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