Diablo II: Resurrected Updated Graphics, Animations, And Quality Of Life Improvements Ahead Of Closed Beta

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Blizzard has posted their results after reviewing the April alpha test and announced a list of changes that will be coming to the closed beta test this August for players who have pre-ordered the game.

Diablo II: Resurrected is still in development, and all these changes are based on early player feedback and will likely undergo even more changes after the August closed beta and future open beta.


Diablo II: Resurrected Updated Graphics, Animations, And Quality Of Life Improvements Ahead Of Closed Beta

The art team has carefully recreated the visuals of monsters, heroes, items, and spells while staying true to the original game as much as they can.

Many spells have been updated based on player feedback from the technical alpha, such as the Sorceress' Lightning and Blizzard abilities.

Mana and health animations have been improved when returned to players from globes.


Many icons have received updates to bring more attention to the focus points of the item and add clarity to the image.

Updated Health Potions (Image via Blizzard)
Updated Health Potions (Image via Blizzard)

Quality of Life

Blizzard is looking to improve some area's quality of life based on players' feedback, while still staying true to the original game.

"There are so many unique quirks and systems in this game that, if modernized, would ultimately sabotage the original experience we adore. So, we’ve exercised restraint to protect the authentic experience, while also considering player feedback throughout our development process."

Accessibility improvements are being added such as auto gold pickup, large font models, UI scaling (PC only), and gamma/contrast settings.


These options will be available to players to adjust to their liking to ensure they can play how they like.

Some user interface improvements include:

  • Item Names: Toggle Update
  • Shared Stash Tab & Storage Update
  • Compare Tooltip Toggle Update
  • Automap Improvement
  • Map Settings: Option Update

Miscellaneous updates include an in-game clock, audio updates, and loading screen vulnerability time added to prevent players from taking damage before their game is fully loaded in.

These updates are just the beginning and players should expect even more changes after the upcoming beta tests, when more players get to access the game.

August Beta and Beyond

In August, players who pre-ordered Diablo II: Resurrected will be able to access the closed beta and give their thoughts on the game.


And then after that, the gates of hell will open for all players on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation in an open beta test.

You can find the official post on the Blizzard website, with more information, and find out where you can go to submit any feedback you may have.