Diablo 2 Resurrected - Tools of the Trade Walkthrough

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Diablo 2 Resurrected is finally here, and with it, a myriad of quests, enemies, and challenges for you to discover (or re-discover!). Today we will take you through the fifth Story Quest of Act 1, Tools of the Trade, a quest that involves helping the blacksmith Charsi by recovering her lost enchanted hammer, now guarded by a huge demon.


Diablo 2 Resurrected, Act I: Tools of the Trade

Quest Name: Tools of the Trade

Area Level: 9 (Normal), 40 (Nightmare), 70 (Hell)

Unlocked By: Reaching the Monastery gates, given by Charsi, the Blacksmith.


Charsi will ask you to recover her old enchanted hammer, the Horadric Malus, which she left behind when she escaped from the Monastery when Andariel attacked. Now guarded by a demon called The Smith, it’s your mission to get it back to Charsi so she can enchant items again.

When you get near the Monastery Barracks gate, this quest will be activated, after which you need to find the inner Barracks where the forge is, with the Horadric Malus sitting on a stand. You need to interact with it to acquire the Malus and complete the quest. But first, you must face The Smith

This monster is a very large boss, that can move really fast and hit hard, while also being able to endure almost anything you throw at him. However, you can either get the hammer and run, or persist in your offensive and defeat him. Regardless of what you do, once you get the Horadric Malus you must go back to Charsi, who will claim the hammer and enchant an item for you as thanks.

The Monastery Barracks Dungeon - Enemies List

  • Devilkin
  • Devilkin Shaman
  • Death Clan
  • Bone Mage
  • Bone Archer
  • Black Rogue
  • The Smith

Tools of the Trade Quest Rewards

Charsi will imbue an item for you, making it a rare item with randomized stats and abilities, depending on your Character Level.


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