Diablo 2 Resurrected - Radament's Lair Walkthrough

Diablo 2 Resurrected is finally here, and with it, a myriad of quests, enemies, and challenges for you to discover (or re-discover!). Today we will take you through the first Story Quest of Act 2, Radament's Lair, a quest that will see you exploring the Sewers in the search of the evil Radament.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected, Act II: Radament's Lair

Quest Name: Radament's Lair

Area Level

Sewers Level 1: 13 (Normal), 43 (Nightmare), 74 (Hell)

Sewers Level 2: 13 (Normal), 43 (Nightmare), 74 (Hell)

Sewers Level 3: 13 (Normal), 44 (Nightmare), 75 (Hell)

Unlocked By: Finishing Act 1 and starting Act 2, given by Atma.

Atma asks you to avenge the deaths of her husband and son, by killing the evil mummy Radament. To do this, you need to go to the Sewers below Lut Gholeim, which you can enter from either a trapdoor in the northern part of the town or taking the stairs at the south.

You will have to progress through the three levels, and once you reach the bottom, Radament will wait for you at the end. He can revive the other mummies, inflict poison on you, and use a slash attack that hits hard. Be careful but persist enough and you should kill him fairly quickly. Using ice attacks on the other mummies is also recommended since he won't be able to raise them after you shatter them.

After you defeat Radament, you will notice a particular item, the Horadric Scroll. Go to speak to Atma and take the scroll to Deckard Cain, to finish the quest and obtain your rewards.

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Sewers Dungeon - Enemies List

  • Level 1: Sand Raider, Burning Dead, Burning Dead Archer, Dried Corpse
  • Level 2: Sand Raider, Burning Dead, Burning Dead Archer, Dried Corpse
  • Level 3: Burning Dead, Horror, Burning Dead Mage, Dried Corpse, Huntress
  • Final Boss: Radament

Radament's Lair Quest Rewards

  • Book of Skill (gives you +1 Skill Point)
  • Discounted prices in town

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