Diablo 2 Resurrected - Prison of Ice Walkthrough

Diablo 2 Resurrected is finally here, and with it, a myriad of quests, enemies, and challenges for you to discover (or re-discover!). Today we will take you through the third Story Quest of Act 5, Prison of Ice, a quest to rescue Anya from the Prison of Ice and bringing her to Harrogath.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected, Act V: Prison of Ice

Quest Name: Prison of Ice

Area Level

Frozen River: 28 (Normal), 58 (Nightmare), 85 (Hell)

Unlocked By: Entering Arreat Plateau, given by Malah

Malah calls you to reveal that Nihlathak betrayed the people of Harrogath and left to his own devices, with Anya also disappearing under mysterious circumstances. You must head to the Frozen River to find out what happened to her, and hopefully not too late.

To do this, you must reach the Crystalline Passage, a dungeon plagued with many monsters that will lead you to the Frozen River, where you can find and rescue Anya. Once you get to her, she will tell you how the whole Nihlathak's betrayal happened, and then she will teleport to Harrogath. Go back to Malah and discuss the future plans, which of course include finding a certain traitor and making him pay.

After you're done, you will obtain your reward from Malah, a scroll that permanently adds +10% to all of your resistances. Keep in mind that you will obtain one of these for each difficulty, giving you a total of +30% to all your resistances.

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Enemies List

  • Abominable, Snow Drifter, Frozen Abyss (minion), Frozen Terror (minion), Frozen Creeper, Rot Walker, Blood Temptress, Succubus, Siren, Death Slasher (minion), Moon Lord (minion), Bone Mage, Claw Viper, Dark Lancer, Gloam

Prison of Ice Quest Rewards

  • +10 to all resistances, one of these for each difficulty, giving you a total of +30% to all your resistances. You will also obtain a class-specific item.

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