Diablo 2 Resurrected - Hell's Forge Walkthrough

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Diablo 2 Resurrected is finally here, and with it, a myriad of quests, enemies, and challenges for you to discover (or re-discover!). Today we will take you through the second Story Quest of Act 4, Hell's Forge, a quest that will require you to find the tool to destroy Mephisto's Soulstone.


Diablo 2 Resurrected, Act IV: Hell's Forge

Quest Name: Hell's Forge

Area Level

River of Flames: 27 (Normal), 57 (Nightmare), 85 (Hell)

Unlocked By: Completing Quest One, or entering the River of Flame, given by Deckard Cain.

You need to destroy Mephisto's Soulstone, an item that you got from your last encounter with the demon lord. To do this, it's necessary for you to locate the Hellforge, a blacksmith's forge in Hell.

When you step down the stairs in the City of the Damned, you will reach the first real Hell area, the River of Flames. This place is plagued with groups of the most vicious demons and horrors the Hell can present, but you must prevail if you want to finish this quest. This place has a boss monster called Hephasto, The Armorer, and while it's not the hardest fight in the game, it can certainly be a problem if you don't go well prepared.


Once you defeated the Armorer and destroyed Mephisto's Soulstone, you will receive multiple gems and a rune as you crush it for the last time. This marks the end of this quest, and the journey to the last quest in this Act begins.

River of Flames - Enemies List

  • Pit Lord, Blood Maggot, Blood Maggot Egg, Blood Maggot Young, Abyss Knight, Grotesque, Grotesque Wyrm, Urdar, Maw Fiend, Strangler
  • Final Boss: Hephasto, The Armorer

Hell's Forge Quest Rewards

  • Four random type gems, one normal, two flawless, and one perfect. If you have the expansion, you will also get one dropped Rune per game.

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