Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Trailer References The Original's Mars

Destiny 2's forthcoming expansion, The Witch Queen was officially unveiled last week. The next big expansion is set to focus on Savathun, as you fend off her deadly Lucent Hive.

The announcement trailer offered a lot to excite fans but, one part of the unveiling may hint at the return of a fan-favourite planet. An eagle-eyed viewer in u/thiccheartguy spotted a map of the first Destiny's Mars location.

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Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Trailer References The Original's Mars

As evident on Ikora's board below, the map has been plastered onto a piece of paper among other tagged regions. And the drawn-out region is very similar to the original's outline of Mars.

This begs the question: will Mars return in The Witch Queen? As fans may remember, among Mercury, Io, and Titan, the red planet was removed from the sequel last year prior to the arrival of Beyond Light.

Could this also open doors for those other planets to return? Or is it an easter egg paying homage to the cult Destiny location?

We'll have to await further confirmation nearer to The Witch Queen's launch. In the meantime, Season of the Lost is in full swing, and fans can gain a helping hand at its seasonal challenges here.

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