Destiny 2 Wilhelm-7 Messages Locations Guide - How to Complete the Richest Dead Man Alive Triumph

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Stuck finding Destiny 2 Wilhelm-7 messages? Wilhelm was a former Guardian who went in search for the famous Gjallarhorn, and while exploring the loot cave, he left behind series of messages for us to find. You'll need to find all 12 messages in order to complete the new Triumph, which you'll have to do if you want the MMXXI title.

Here's our guide to finding all the 12 messages left by Wilhelm-7.

Where to Find Wilhelm-7 in Destiny 2

All of Wilhelm-7's messages are in the new Grasp of Avarice dungeon that debuted with the 30th Anniversary Update. These messages are scattered all over the dungeon.

Once you manage to score all 12 messages, you will be rewarded with the Hraseveglur weapon ornament, along with the Triumph and progress towards the new title.

Wilhelm-7 Message Locations

Wilhelm-7 Message 1

The first message is located right at the entrance of the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. You will come across this one after you've fed the first crystal all the engrams that you've collected. Drop into the hole that opens into the ground, and walk around a bit to find the message on your right.

Wilhelm-7 Message 2

The second message isn't located far from the first one. Once you've crossed the narrow crystal bridge and defeated all the enemies, turn back to find the message right behind you. It's guarded behind a few boxes.

Wilhelm-7 Message 3

The third message is in the room with three doors. The first door to your right and the big door opposite to you are booby trapped. Head into the second door on your right and avoid the pressure plate there.

There is a small alcove to your left at the end of the room, and that's where you'll find the third message.

Wilhelm-7 Message 4

Once you climb up through the large, broken fan you’ll emerge in another room with platforms above you. There will be one platform with a blue sign under it. Jump up on it and turn around. There should be a platform in front of you.

Jump on that platform and go right. That's where you will find the fourth message.

Wilhelm-7 Message 5

Make your way through the pirate base until you come to the reservoir room. Once you've gone inside and made it to the final room, you will see a large window to your left.

There's a vent beside the switch in this room. Head into the vent and find the fifth message.

Wilhelm-7 Message 6

This message is located in the area beyond the staircase where you were almost crushed by a rolling barrel.

Instead of heading into the vent, head through the hall to the right and you’ll find a vent along the floor hidden behind a slanted panel. Inside the vent is the sixth Wilhelm-7 message.

Wilhelm-7 Message 7

The seventh message can be found right after defeating the big Ogre. Once you've defeated him, head through the door and turn to your left.

Head inside the tanker you find there to get the message.

Wilhelm-7 Message 8

Once you've completed the Sparrow encounter, turn back and look the way you came from the fourth mine.

Go out the right side of the skull’s mouth and down the platforms on the right. The eighth message will be tucked away in a small cave along the wall, on the final platform.

Wilhelm-7 Message 9

Do not head into the crystal cave after the Sparrow encounter. Instead climb up the crystals to find the ninth message.

Wilhelm-7 Message 10

This message can be collected before the Fallen Shield encounter. Use the cannon in the central area to get onto the platform with a large centrifuge. The tenth message is inside this centrifuge.

Wilhelm-7 Message 11

Once you've completed the Fallen Shield encounter, you can go grab this message. Instead of using the cannon and heading into the boss room, head down for the eleventh message. It can be found on the lowest platform beside the support beams.

Wilhelm-7 Message 12

The final message is inside a pod (which also happens to be Wilhelm-7's grave). This pod opens up after you've defeated the final boss.

Those are all the 12 messages that you can find in Destiny 2.

Happy hunting, Guardian!

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