Destiny 2: What Time Does the TWAB Come Out?

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Three guardians, each from the different subclasses, standing together!
Credit: Bungie

Weekly blog posts are important for any MMORPG/looter shooter games like Destiny 2. These games are usually a live service game and they are very dynamic in nature.

Most developers behind these games keep introducing minor changes in the games almost every week. Here's everything we know about the This Week At Bungie (TWAB) Newsletter.

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What is TWAB (This Week At Bungie)?

TWAB is the official newsletter that is released by Bungie every week. This newsletter contains information about the changes coming to Destiny 2 in the upcoming week.

That could include information on upcoming events set to arrive with the next Destiny 2 Reset, or even an early look at Destiny 2 Patch Notes for upcoming updates.

Think of it as a small weekly information update in a nutshell.

When does the TWAB go live?

Historically, the TWAB newsletter has gone live at around 22:00 GMT and 00:00 GMT. And that time may be maintained for this week as well.

And as usual, the TWAB newsletter goes live every Thursday, one day before Xur, the fabled Agent of the Nine makes it to the Last City.

You can find the official TWAB Newsletter here. This week we'll be seeing some really interesting content as informed to us by the folks from Bungie on Twitter.

Are you excited for what's to come? Because I sure am!

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