Destiny 2 Lure Mutations: What Are Cryptolith Lure Mutation Mods And How To Get More in Beyond Light Season of the Hunt

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Finally, the Season of the Hunt has kicked off properly in Destiny 2 Beyond Light and it is absolutely living up to its name!

Once you have met up with Osiris on the Moon and completed the other Season of the Hunt introduction missions, you’ll meet Crow.

This familiar face will offer you new bounties, and more importantly, give you Cryptolith Lure item.


If you want to upgrade the Lure’s potential you’ll need to earn some Lure Mutations!

Here’s our guide below to find out what are Cryptolith Lure Mutations, and more importantly, how do you get more Mutations?

What are Cryptolith Lure Mutations?

Cryptolith Lure Mutations are effectively mods for your Cryptolith Lure!

Once you have completed the initial quests, you’ll be able to use the Lure to hunt down powerful Fallen and Hive threats across the system.

Mutations, coming in both Weak and Strong forms, can be applied to your lure before you attempt a hunt to modify the rewards you will earn from completing it.

Some will improve Armour Stats, others will Masterwork Weapons and you can also use them to increase the Recon Data you acquire from the hunt!


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Once you’ve applied them, head out on your hunt and reap the rewards!

How do you get Cryptolith Lure Mutations?

You can find Cryptolith Lure Mutations from a bunch of different activities!

We’ve earned them pretty consistently from Strikes, Gambit and Crucible matches, so you can easily harvest them while charging up your lure!

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You can also buy them from Crow, if you have the Glimmer reserves.


And you’ll earn some from hunts too, so they are failr easy to farm!

Which is good because you’ll need to farm them frequently, given that each Lure Mutation is a one time use thing.

So get out there Guardian, and get hunting!