Destiny 2's Warmind Cells Are Being Nerfed, Exotic Armour Changes Revealed For Season 15

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Season 15 is just weeks away for Destiny 2 players (alongside the reveal of The Witch Queen), and Bungie's weekly blog posts have started detailing big changes coming to the game's current systems.

This week's post is focused on armour, with less popular exotics getting a buff and the long-overpowered Warmind Cell mechanic being chopped off at the knees somewhat.


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Destiny 2's Warmind Cells Are Being Nerfed, Exotic Armour Changes Revealed For Season 15

The likes of The Bombardiers, The Stag, and Icefall Mantle will be getting buffs (check out the blog post for the full details), but super-regenerating exotic armour options will be getting a nerf.

Here's what Bungie says about these:

As a group, these Exotics tend to outshine other Exotic choices, especially in high difficulty, endgame activities. In some cases, they can trivialize the content or make it feel like the only reasonable option to equip for your build.

Therefore, expect nerfs for Ursa Furiosa, Skull of Dire Ahamkara, Shards of Galanor, Geomag Stabilisers, Phoenix Protocol and Stormdancer's Brace, with the amount of super energy that can be refunded now capped in most instances to 50%.


Mods are also getting a pass, with much of the focus being on Warmind Cells – perhaps understandably. These explosive gizmos have been hugely popular since their arrival, allowing for an explosion that can take out a bunch of enemies in one hit. They'll now deal less damage, with a smaller radius, too, with an increased energy cost to equip them.

On the flip side, though, Elemental Wells are likely to be more useful.

"Elemental Armaments now has an increased chance to spawn an elemental well based on the tier of the enemy defeated," Bungie says, while also buffing Font of Might to 10 seconds with a damage boost to 25% (was 10%).

Oh, and new mods are coming that'll gradually reload stowed weapons, and the Traction perk is going away.