Destiny 2 Trivial Mysteries Locations: Where To Find To Complete Ley Line Rumours

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Destiny's new season, Season of the Lost, is here and it adds a new weekly pursuit called Trivial Mysteries.

These are tied to the new Shattered Realm location, the eerie church-like area added as part of new seasonal activities.


Here's how to tick off this week's Trivial Mysteries.

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Destiny 2 Trivial Mysteries: How To Complete This Week's Challenge

Before You Start

Not only will you need to have completed the first, introductory mission chain at the beginning of the season, but you'll also need to have upgraded your Wayfarer's Compass item with the Barrier Breach upgrade.


Doing so will let you push through a series of barriers in the Shattered Realm.

If you need more visual assistance, Esoterickk has you covered.

Trivial Mysteries 1

You'll find the first Trivial Mystery by going into the Church, aligning the beacon, and then heading into the crypt.


Here, you'll need to head left, then right, and then open the chest inside.

Trivial Mysteries 2

Climb some rocks just outside of the Church and you'll find this chest in a building at the top. You'll need to drop in from the top, though, so climb via the balconies and railings.

Trivial Mysteries 3

Leaving the church through the door furthest from the Beacon, head straight ahead, and then left. Head under a large archway, and then clamber up the rocks to activate breach. Head through, and hop across the platforms to find the chest.


Trivial Mysteries 4

From the second Beacon, head upward and look for a drop onto a ledge with several barrier breach opportunities.

There, activate the breach, and then hop through the cave.

Trivial Mysteries 5

Again, from the second beacon, head through a doorway and eliminate the Taken to find the chest in the Mill.


Be sure to check back next week, where we'll have the next few Trivial Mystery locations.