Destiny 2 Lorentz Driver Exotic: How To Get Season of the Lost Exotic

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Destiny's new season, Season of the Lost, finally arrives today - also known as Season 15.

Players can expect the return of Queen Mara, along with a deeper look into what is going on with Osiris - and paving the way to the Witch Queen expansion.


Known as Lorentz Driver, here's what it does and how to get it. 

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Destiny 2: Season of the Lost – How to get Lorentz Driver

There's only one way to unlock the exotic Lorentz Driver in Destiny 2 and that's via the game's new season pass for 'Season of the Lost'.

Even then there are two very different ways to gain the new exotic.

If you’ve purchased the season, then you can get it right away as a gift at rank 1. 

Alternatively, if you have opted to not buy the new premium pass for the season, then you can still earn the exotic through the free season pass, but you'll need to reach a higher rank – this time around, it's rank 35.


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Lorentz Driver Stats

The weapon's exotic perk is Lagrangian Sight, which marks targets with an automated targeting system. Final blows on marked targets generate a telemetry pattern. Picking up telemetry patterns grants bonus ability energy. Collecting 3 telemetry patterns without dying grants this weapon bonus damage for a long duration.

A precision final blow also creates an implosion that pulls in and damages nearby targets. (Thanks,

  • Impact: 41
  • Range: 44
  • Stability: 52
  • Handling: 32
  • Reload Speed: 35

Here's the weapon's description from Bungie:

The Lorentz Driver utilizes advanced targeting and precision telemetry to deliver perfectly-placed implosions.

How To Get Destiny 2 Lorentz Driver After Season Of The Lost

It's worth remembering as well that you need not worry about missing out should you go the free route.


That's because a new Exotic kiosk in the Tower can offer older exotics, including those tied to the season pass – you'll just have to earn them with materials.

How to get Destiny 2 Lorentz Driver catalyst

Once you've unlocked the Lorentz Driver catalyst, speak with Banshee-44 to kick off another round of revision quests. This one has two parts, but you don't technically need the Lorentz Driver equipped for the first part (though it's good practice).

Step 1

  • 50 Challenging combatants defeated
  • 50 Guardians defeated
  • 15 Champions or high-value targets defeated

A "challenging" enemy is any foe with a yellow health bar.

Step 2

  • 200 Calibration data generated
  • 50 Guardians defeated
  • 100 Combatants defeated

Your Calibration Data comes from Gambits, Crucible matches, and Nightfall.

Once all this is finished, speak with Banshee-44 again to get the catalyst. Equip it, then get 400 kills to fully charge the catalyst and unlock Lorentz Driver's final perk: Jump Driver.

  • Lorentz Driver gains an enhanced radar. Additionally, while this weapon has 3 telemetry patterns, EM Anomaly detonations no longer require a precision final blow.