Destiny 2 Season 15 Weapon Changes Revealed

Season 15 arrives in Destiny 2 in just a few days, but we still don't know what the theme will be, or even its full name.

What we do know, though, is that it'll bring a slew of new weapons to Bungie's MMO/loot shooter while making big changes to those that already exist.

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Destiny 2 Season 15 Weapon Changes Revealed

In the last Bungie blog post of Season of the Splicer, Bungie has revealed multiple new weapons coming in Season 15.

The ritual weapon for the new season will be a new rocket launcher with the 'Explosive Light' perk, with ornaments available through Crucible, Gambit and Vanguard questlines.

Image from Destiny 2 showing a currently unnamed rocket launcher arriving in Season 15.
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Players can also expect what looks like a new scout rifle, pulse rifle and sidearm, although these haven't been confirmed as their weapon types. These will be available as activity completion rewards.

Image from Destiny 2 showing a trio of new weapons arriving in Season 15.
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Finally, as predicted by the 'notepad leak' (spoilers through the link), Trials of the Nine weapons are being upgraded with random rolls and added to the Prophecy Dungeon.

Image from Destiny 2 showing Trials of the Nine weapons.
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Finally on the new addition front, a series of new world drops are being added, taking the total number of weapons added to eighteen (including the repurposed Trials of the Nine ones and the two new Iron Banner arrivals).

Given how fond I've grown of weapons like the Chroma Rush in Season of the Splicer, I'm excited to see what's next.

One of the biggest surprises in the blog post is the discussion on primary ammo. While Destiny 2 ammo has always been finite, running into a tough encounter and expending all of your bullets hs never been much fun in tougher content.

"Running out of Primary ammo has never been tactically interesting," Chris Proctor, weapons feature lead said.

"Running out in hard PvE content or because you were on a tear in PvP was a weird and sometimes frustrating experience that we would like to not subject anyone to in the future."

That means primary weapons will now have unlimited ammo, with amendments made to perks that buffed ammo counts in those weapons to make them more viable. For instance, Drop Mag will now buff reload speed since its main perk is now moot.

In case you're wondering, no, you can't spam unlimited grenades with Fighting Lion - that's being tweaked.

As for buffs and nerfs, breech grenade launchers will see PvP alterations to make them less powerful, while their PvE effectiveness will be buffed, along with Machine Guns, scout rifles and hand cannons.

Fusion rifles are getting a deeper look, with changes to charge time, shots per burst and damage to make differences between subfamilies more pronounced.

As for exotics, expect big changes. For one, Anarchy is getting a sizeable nerf, with ten shots lopped off of its magaine size and a 30% damage reduction against bosses. Xenophage will now drop to 90 RPM, while there are also changes for the new incarnation of Vex Mythoclast, Jotunn, Sweet Business, and plenty more.

Don't expect any further weapon tuning updates for a little while, though, as Bungie turns its focus to the Witch Queen expansion.

"We're devoting a lot of energy to The Witch Queen expansion, and there are a ton of things changing in a few weeks, so we want to see how things shake out before deciding on further tuning," the blog says.

"We'll be watching Season 15 launch closely and are ready to make some small adjustments as needed in the first half of the Season."

Season 15 kicks off on August 24th.

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