Destiny 2 Rutabaga Error & Fix: Bungie Confirm Fix in Works for Game-Breaking Glitch

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The Destiny 2 Rutabaga error is causing no shortage of trouble, but not for the reasons intended. Rutabaga normally shows up when framerates drop below acceptable levels. However, a recent fix intended to address the Telesto orb glitch is causing the Rutabaga error to spawn for unrelated reasons, and, sometimes, it's even banning people who aren't breaking the rules.

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Destiny 2 Rutabaga Error

The most common cause of the Rutabaga error is, so far, if the player alt-tabs out of the screen. They'll come back to find the "time skew maxed" error, even if it's only for a second.

Some have also reported the orb glitch hotfix is randomly interfering with their framerates, though the cause is less certain here. A few commented on the Bungie help post saying it happened if they checked a menu or transitioned the screen in any way, and one Redditer claimed it dropped to 10 fps during cutscenes, though that was before the latest hotfix.

The worst-case scenario is the game thinking you've tried breaking it with a glitch and banning you if you get a Rutabaga error. So far, we've seen limited reports of that and have yet to verify whether it's true or how widespread the problem may be.

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Destiny 2 Rutabaga Error Fix

Bungie only offered a general fix for the Rutabaga error so far, and it's designed to address the error in it's normal state. Here's what the help site says:

  • Please ensure that no other applications are running in the background, and relaunch Destiny
  • Verify that the PC operating system and GPU firmware are up to date
  • Inspect the Destiny 2 PC requirements article to ensure requirements have been met

The Rutabaga error in its current state probably won't respond to any of that, since it's triggering randomly. Still, it's worth trying on the off chance it fixes the problem, even if it's only temporary.

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