Destiny 2's Halo Crossover: Everything We Know So Far

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Destiny 2's new Season of the Lost content drops tomorrow following a new showcase livestream event, but developer Bungie could be looking back into its history for some first-of-its-kind content in the loot-shooter MMO.

According to several leaks (including the now notorious notepad leak), Bungie will celebrate its 30th anniversary in December with some Halo-themed content. Bungie, after all, was the creator of the Halo franchise, before Microsoft acquired the IP and passed it onto 343 Industries to look after.


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Latest News

24 August 2021 -

The Bungie Showcase has came and went but without so much of a mention of any potential Halo or Bungie crossover.


However, we have had confirmation of a Destiny 2 30th Anniversary pack to celebrate Bungie's Pearl Anniversary.

It's stacked with content, including a return for Gjallarhorn, and a new claymore Sword that references Myth, Bungie's real-time tactics video game from 1997.

So we still wouldn't rule out a possible Halo crossover. It could even come from Xbox during Gamescom.

So stay tuned...

Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn from 30th Anniversary pack
The Gjallarhorn is coming back to celebrate Bungie's 30th Anniversary

Destiny 2's Halo Crossover: Everything We Know

Halo Infinite is still slated for 2021, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer is a big fan of Destiny 2, so it's perhaps not surprising that the stars would align for such a crossover. That doesn't make it a certainty, though, and as with all rumours and leaks, it's best to take a big ol' pinch of salt.


As for what the crossover could entail, reports have suggested some Halo-themed missions, as well as a series of weapons - including the all-powerful Magnum from Combat Evolved, the Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Gravity Hammer.

One report even suggested a new Halo-themed Dungeon could be on the cards, while others have suggested that the update will be a purchasable cosmetics bundle.

While a potential Halo crossover would certainly grab people's attention, there are also new additions from Marathon, Myth, and Oni reportedly coming, too.

Is Master Chief Coming To Destiny?

It's unlikely, although expect some homage to the legendary Spartan. The safest bet would be some armour ornaments, especially with Destiny 2 now offering transmog so that players can customise their appearance.


While a Hunter or Warlock may not quite look the part, we can definitely see a big, green, MJOLNIR-armour wearing Titan looking right at home in the Destiny universe.

That said, the report also suggests Hunters could get ODST armour, while Warlocks will get Arbiter armour, so no one gets left out.