Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Checklist: Everything To Do Before Season 15

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Destiny 2's next season, Season of the Lost, is just hours away, and that means we'll be bidding farewell to the Season of the Splicer very soon.

Before that happens, though, there are a few things players should be aware of - including changes to reputation systems that are coming with the new season. Here's how to take it all in stride.

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Grab The New Exotic Ship

If you've finished all of the Season of the Splicer story content (including that epilogue) then you can head to the Splicer Servitor this week and claim a Fallen-themed ship, Forbidden Memory.

Image from Destiny 2 showing the Fallen-themed exotic ship, Forbidden Memory.
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Complete Your Season Pass

Image of the Destiny 2 exotic sidearm weapon Cryosthesia 77K, being held by a Guardian in a Vex network environment.
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Perhaps the most obvious entry on this list, if you've not hit rank 100 on your Season Pass yet then you'll want to do so.

This can net you an exotic ornament for Cryosthesia, the season's exotic sidearm. For more tips on how to level up fast, check out our guide.

Tied to that are the current Seasonal Challenges. If you want all of the Bright Dust these have to offer, you'll want to complete them before the end of the Season of the Splicer.

Make Use of Transmog

Image of Destiny 2 character ADA-1 in the Black Armory of the Tower
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Transmog, or Armor Synthesis, remains contentious within the community for many reasons, but if you're desperate to upgrade your Guardian's look then you'll want to complete as many Armor Synthesis Bounties as possible.

Synthstrand, one of the currencies tied to the process, is being retired.

Turn In Vanguard Tokens

Image from Destiny 2 showing Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey in conversation during a cutscene.
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With the changes to reputation coming in Season 15, you'll need to turn in your Vanguard tokens to Commander Zavala.

If you don't, they'll be removed from your inventory. You may not get much for them, but at least you can dismantle the gear he offers for some materials.


Hoard Your Bounties and Engrams

Image of the Destiny 2 weapon, Chroma Rush, with its perks on display.
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Ok, this is definitely not a requirement for Season 15, but if you're looking to get a solid start on Season 15 then you can stock up on completed bounties.

You can then defer the XP boost to next season, helping you fly through the ranks of the Season Pass.

The same can be said of Umbral Engrams, which presumably will still be able to be opened at the H.E.L.M. Who knows, you may even end up with a God Roll to kick off the new season.

Destiny 2's Season 15 will be revealed tomorrow, August 24.

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