Destiny 2 players finally saw the Almighty blow up, after an hour of waiting

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is finishing tomorrow, and on the same day fans of the shooter/RPG will be able to uncover what's coming next as Bungie pulls back the curtain on Season 11 and beyond.

If you've logged in within the last day or so, you may be wondering why the Tower is in a bit more of a sorry state than usual. That's because Rasputin finally woke up, blowing the Almighty out of the sky before it could collide with humanity's last city.


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Playing out like a Fortnite-style live event, players were able to watch the huge ship fall.

Here's a handy video from IGN to get you caught up.


The event actually lasted a lot longer than many were anticipating, with thousands of players logging in and staring at the sky until something happened.

Destiny 2's next season of content, as well as its expansion, are to be revealed tomorrow.