Destiny 2's Solstice of Heroes Event Shows How Much The Game Has Improved

I recently ranked some of Destiny 2's best seasons, but with the Solstice of Heroes event kicking off last week, it's cemented my thinking that the game is getting better. Not just a little, but much better.

Let me explain just why that is.

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Destiny 2's Solstice of Heroes Event Shows How Much The Game Has Improved

As we start to approach Season 15, Solstice of Heroes provides a nifty look back at all we've accomplished in a year.

We bent Stasis to our will, we defeated Eramis, slew the High Celebrant, knocked Caiatl off her perch, and have now destroyed Quria, Dreaming Mind.

That's quite the resume for less than twelve months, but while the Solstice event has its flaws (European Aerial Zone, again?!), it's put multiple seasonal activities side by side.

You see, once you level your first set of armour, you'll be given another set of objectives to complete to level up a much cooler-looking set. These objectives are a little grindier than the first set, but the key thing is that it has players run the following activities (at least it did on my Hunter).

I've been grinding through Wrathborn Hunts, Battlegrounds, and Overrides over the last day, and let me tell you - one of these things is a lot worse than the others.

Wrathborn Hunts, which could've been a really cool mechanic whereby we hunt corrupted enemies and engage in huge, multi-step battles, is just as dismal as it was in Season of the Hunt. Go to a location, almost kill an enemy, follow its trail, finish it off, fight a bigger enemy, done.

The only real positive here is that Wrathborn hunts don't take too long to knock off, thankfully.

Afterwards, Battlegrounds have felt like a breath of fresh air. I still think they're weaker than Strikes, but wouldn't be averse to rolling them into a huge PvE Vanguard playlist. Tearing through plenty of enemies is great fun, and while the bosses can get a tad on the dull side, the enemy density makes it a great palette cleanser - especially since there are barely any real mechanics.

It's also ideal for knocking off a few bounties for the season pass.

Finally, Override has long been an activity I thought was a little too long, but I've gained a new appreciation for it. I think it could do without the 'passcode' section, but the basic concept remains fun even when I've run dozens of the things at this point.

All of this is to say that Bungie is really zeroing in on what players want to do - and chipping away at one boss's health bar on a Wrathborn Hunt when I could be carving my way through dozens of enemies and living out the Destiny power fantasy is a tough sell, but I'm glad to have had a mini-retrospective.' health bar on a Wrathborn Hunt, however s

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