Destiny 2 Zephyr Stasis Sword Guide

The Destiny 2 Zephyr Stasis Sword arrives as part of the Destiny 2 Dawning holiday event. It's a Legendary sword, which probably sounds rather like a waste of time given how swords perform in most Destiny 2 activities now, but there is a good reason to try and claim this one: its perk. The Zephyr Stasis Sword comes with Cold Steel, which, when used, slows targets down. That's handy in any situation, but it's especially useful in PvP. If that sounds like your kind of sword, you'll need to tackle a mission for Saint-14 first.

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How to Get Zephyr Stasis Sword in Destiny 2 - The Pigeon Provides

You'll need to complete The Pigeon Provides quest from Saint-14. We've outlined a bit of how to do that elsewhere, but here's the gist of it.

Find the Eliksni Recipe

Speak with Saint-14, and then head to Europa. The first step is fairly straightforward. Go to the Eventide Ruins and follow the quest marker to find the recipe.

Swaddled Etherdrips Ingredients

You're looking for ingredients to make some holiday treats, and since this is Destiny, that means there's a bit of grinding involved. Here's what you're looking for:

  • Glacial Starwort, obtained from nodes on Europa
  • Pure Ether Extract, obtained from Lost sectors on Europa
  • Harpy Eggs, obtained from Vex Harpies

Purchase Kellsdough from Spider and Obtain Etheric Spiral

Now you need Kellsdough from Spider, which will take 15 Dawning Spirits. Complete Eva's bounties to get Dawning Spirits or deliver Dawning Gifts, then once you have enough, get your dough.

You'll also need Etheric Spiral, which is found in nodes and chests on Tangled Shore.

Return to Saint-14 and Deliver the Treats

Speak with Saint-14, then head up to the Eliksni district and dish out the treats to the Fallen there. Speak with Saint-14 again after that, then head back to Eva and claim your reward, the Zephyr Stasis Sword.

Getting Another Destiny 2 Zephyr Stasis Sword

After that, you can try for another Zephyr Sword by exchanging your Dawn Cookies as part of the A Gift In Return event. There's a 50/50 chance you'll receive another Zephyr Stasis Sword or, if not that, a Legendary SMG.

Zephyr Stasis Sword Stats

Here's what to expect from the sword, courtesy of

  • Swing Speed 46
  • Impact 60
  • Range 50
  • Efficiency 10
  • Defense 60
  • Charge Rate 32
  • Ammo Capacity 60

Possible rolls include Jagged Blade, Whirlwind Blade, Balanced Guard, and, of course, Cold Steel.

It's not the only new weapon you can grab. The 30th Anniversary Pack gives you a shot at the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, and anyone can try for the Forerunner sidearm.

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