Destiny 2 Item Description And Datamine Hint At Huge Plot Twist For Year 4

Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion will kick off the game's fourth year of content, and it looks as though a huge change is coming to the Tower.

If you're looking to go into the next expansion blind, we'd recommend skipping this article as we'll be touching on what could be pretty significant spoilers.

Still here? Ok, let's go!

Destiny 2 Leak Suggests Big Plot Twist

After some datamined audio logs were posted on Reddit by u/BC1096, it sounds as though the Pyramid ships that act as the harbinger of the Darkness could already have spies within the Vanguard's ranks.

Eris notes that the following:

"Now I am hiding the truth even from my own friend. I do not want to make them distrust the Vanguard. But I am sure that this warning is genuine… and that it points to a threat in our own ranks. There are inflections to this logograph that speak of a killer hidden in plain sight."

Add to that a lengthy description which seems to refer to Zavala in the Traveler's Chosen exotic weapon:

I push into my ossific den and he is there.I see him looking over the side, toward his Traveler, head bent. He is speaking softly, but I can hear him. Anyone who was listening could.He waits for a response and I do as well, tense, curious. He stands attentively, this loyal dog of a man. It is no time at all for me, but for him, the hours creep by in silence.I am ready to choke the voice of his Traveler if it answers him, but there is nothing. He tightens his grip on the railing.I feel something shift inside him and a new possibility presents itself.

Again, I press against the sockets. The net creaks softly with my eagerness.Someone approaches and he turns his back to his Traveler. There is an exchange, obscured by the rubicund thrash.He is given reports. Hope bleeds from him. He gives the messenger a token of his faith. They accept it without understanding its meaning.He watches as they leave. There is a hollow place in his center. It is beautiful.

I return warily.I do not see him, but I hear him. He speaks to all with a voice thick with grief.I must learn how far I have been set back. I reach to him tentatively. Strength. I push—and feel only sweet, soft rot.I am delirious with pleasure. It gave them no answers; it was a reflex, the spasm of dumb muscle.A song of joy rises within me.Now.

It sounds as though Zavala, one of the most devout followers of the Traveler, is losing faith in it. As u/BC1096 correctly notes, Zavala has been questioning the Traveler since the Curse of Osiris expansion, and with his duty to protect the last city, could he strike out on his own?

Could Beyond Light see Zavala turn his back on the Traveler after years of waiting for it to act? With rumours swirling of a new factions system, will we get the chance to pick sides? Losing Zavala as an ally through his own choice would arguably hit harder than losing Cayde-6 in the Forsaken expansion after he was gunned down.

It's also worth noting that Bungie experimented with factions a few months ago, pitting players against each other as they fought for either Zavala or the Drifter. With the latter expected to play a big part in Beyond Light, could Zavala be about to turn on the Guardians? We'll have to wait and see.

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