Destiny 2 Coming To Xbox Game Pass Is Huge, Here's Why

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Xbox's big, Series X event last week was, in many ways, upstaged by Xbox Game Pass. The subscription service continues to offer an insane value proposition, but fans won't have to wait until the Series X to be able to enjoy Destiny 2 as part of their subscription.

Here's why that's important.


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Destiny 2's Game Pass Arrival Is Huge - Here's Why

"No one actually plays the game anymore" is the familiar cry from the franchise's detractors, but in truth, Destiny 2 has recovered from earlier stumbles (albeit not always gracefully). The hybrid shooter/MMO has a very respectable Steam player count and is also available on PS4 and Xbox. Rumours of the game's demise have been greatly exaggerated, often by those that fell off of the series in the past.


And that's fine - Destiny 2 is a platform that now offers a staggering amount of content, but that doesn't mean all of it is what you might be looking for. For every fun strike, there are twenty quests that send you through it again, and that tedium almost makes it the perfect "drop-in, drop-out" game when expansions like the upcoming Beyond Light launch.

Destiny 2 added a new free-to-play SKU, New Light, late in 2019, which includes the base game and the two (admittedly weaker) earliest expansions. If you're hooked, though, it can be a tough ask to stump up £40 for two expansions (Forsaken and Shadowkeep) just to be able to play that content with friends or to complete your set. Thankfully, Xbox Game Pass is about to change that.

While the New Light version of the game will remain available, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get access to Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and even Beyond Light as part of their subscription. That's enough content to make Destiny 2 the only game you'll need to play for, well, months.

Whether you're into the game's RPG systems, just want to enjoy blasting aliens with friends, or fancy some sweaty competitive matches in Trials of Osiris, Destiny 2, as it stands now, is one of the most complete games you'll find.


With Xbox Game Pass soon to gain Project xCloud functionality, you'll be able to take Bungie's MMO title anywhere. It'll be playable on your phone, tablet, and likely your kettle one day, plus the game is receiving Xbox Series X enhancements when it arrives later this year. It'll be a 4K, 60FPS experience, and presumably, you'll get the next two annual expansions via Game Pass, too.

Of course, players can still buy the game's season passes a la carte if they so choose, opening up essentially battle pass-inspired cosmetic and item boosts, as well as plenty of visual customisation options from the in-game item shop. But Beyond Light is as close as we'll get to a sequel, and that's mighty exciting.

It's not just Xbox gamers that are in for a treat, either. Microsoft and Bungie are working to bring the game to Xbox Game Pass for PC in 2021. Having been a recent convert to the PC version, this definitely isn't to be sniffed at - if you have the hardware.

Partnering with Sony for exclusive content reeked of Activision, but offering up every expansion for Xbox Game Pass subscribers is a great way to rebuild bridges that were once clad in Master Chief (and Xbox) green. And while Halo Infinite's reveal may have disappointed some, it's nice to know that the franchise's creators are still offering an excellent alternative.


Destiny's Game Pass Launch Date

Microsoft has just announced that Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, as well as the Forsaken expansion, will arrive on Game Pass for consoles on September 22.