Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy: Iron Banner quest guide for Point of the Stag

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy has begun, and by all accounts fans aren't particularly hooked on the latest additions to Bungie's shooter/MMO hybrid.

With another week, there's a weekly refresh of the game's content – and Iron Banner is back.

Here's a quick guide to the mode, as well as the new quest.

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Destiny 2: Iron Banner Returns

While other content cycles out, the big addition is Iron Banner for this week.

In this PVP mode, players battle it out to earn Iron Banner-exclusive rewards. In this mode, power level advantages are in effect – meaning low-level players might want to steer clear for now. 

Here's a peek at the armour on offer.

That isn't all, though, as Season of the Worthy offers a fresh Iron Banner quest that can earn Guardians the Point of the Stag bow.

To start the quest, head over to Lord Saladin in the Tower.

Here are the steps to get the weapon:

Step 1

  • Kill three enemies with your super
  • Defeat 30 enemies
  • Capture 10 zones

Step 2

  • 25 Hand Cannon Final Blows
  • Capture 20 zones
  • Complete 6 matches

Step 3

  • Defeat 100 enemies
  • Capture 30 zones
  • 20 SMG Final Blows

Step 4

  • Capture 40 zones
  • 15 Super kills
  • 15 Fusion Rifle Final Blows

Step 5

  • 10 Bow Final Blows
  • Complete 15 matches
  • Capture 50 zones.

Step 6

  • Head back to Saladin for your reward.

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