Destiny 2: Coup De Grace Quest Bug Affecting Rewards and Ward Seal

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Beyond Light kicked off the Season of the Hunt, but its final quest, Coup De Grace, dropped yesterday.

Sending players after the High Celebrant that killed Osiris' Ghost Sagira, Bungie has confirmed that the quest is bugged and that rewards aren't dropping.


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Destiny 2: Coup De Grace Quest Bug Affecting Rewards

If you've bumped off the big baddie but are still waiting for some rewards, you're not alone.

For one, the new Exotic ship isn't dropping as it appears it should – but Bungie has noted that there are fresh Triumphs to be completed later in the season to unlock it.

Re: Warden SealStill a couple of Triumphs left to discover, available at a later date.Stay tuned...
— dmg04 (@A_dmg04)
January 5, 2021

That's not all, though, as Bungie has confirmed that other rewards aren't dropping.

We are investigating an issue where some rewards are not dropping from completion of the High Celebrant mission.
— Bungie Help (@BungieHelp)
January 5, 2021

Players have also reported that the quest itself is bugged, presenting walls that prevent progress and more. 


Until Bungie pushes out a hotfix you may want to steer clear of the quest – or hope that Bungie can send rewards retroactively to players that have completed it.