Destiny 2 Vault of Glass: Bungie Confirms Fatebringer Will Return, Discusses Challenges Of Remaking Raid

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Beyond Light is here, and it brings with it the Destiny Content Vault which ensures content will be cycled in and out of the game on a regular basis.

That includes Destiny 1 content, with Bungie promising that The Vault of Glass, the first game's debut raid, will be arriving in 2021.


In a new interview with Polygon, Destiny 2's Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn discussed the challenges of revamping such an iconic piece of content, while also confirming that the raid's original rewards will return. 

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Destiny 2: Bungie Confirms Fatebringer Will Return, Discusses Challenges Of Remaking Raid

"I think the ultimate goal here is to make it feel like Vault of Glass felt when the first time you did it, which is probably pretty different than if we just did a straight port of Vault of Glass," Blackburn explained.


"We definitely are going to make changes to make it feel challenging, like it felt before," he adds. "But we don't want to go too far, and make it feel like it's a different raid."

That added challenge is due to the increased options that Guardians have at their disposal, with new gear and mods allowing for unique playstyles.

As for raid rewards, Blackburn confirmed that amended versions of the first game's iconic rewards (such as the Fatebringer hand cannon) will return.

"There's obviously some (Destiny 2) updating to go into those perk pools," Blackburn said when discussing these slightly different remakes of the original weapons.


"But no one is out to create a Found Verdict or a Fatebringer here that feels radically different than the original Fatebringer. Because then it just feels like we're lying to players, right? Like, 'That's not what Fatebringer feels like.' Everyone knows what the recoil pattern is on that gun. Everyone knows what perks they wanted."

It's undoubtedly a tightrope that the team needs to walk, especially with sunsetting now making many weapons obsolete. I recently noted that Iron Banner reprising old gear felt pointless, but bringing back beloved weapons is a delicate balance between "here's this thing you love" vs "time to grind for this again" – especially if it ends up neutered by Year 4.