Destiny 2 trailer leak suggests next expansion could take players to Europa

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is beginning to wrap up, but a leaked trailer suggests that the game's next big expansion could be revealed as soon as next week.

With the next chapter of Destiny 2 shrouded in mystery, Bungie has already confirmed that the game's eleventh season of content and the next expansion will be revealed simultaneously. 


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Now, the official Destiny Instagram page has revealed a new cinematic trailer that shows Eris Morn (following her return in Shadowkeep) on an icy planet that is likely to be Europa, one of Jupiter's moons.

While the post has been removed from the account page, you can check it out here.


Why Europa?

According to a previously leaked cutscene, the Darkness' pyramid ships are lurking around Jupiter. There's a good chance Europa is our first contact with them, in a similar way to the opening of The Taken King pitting us against the Taken.

According to the teaser, we'll find out more on Tuesday, June 9 at 12 PM ET. With events being understandably shuffled in the light of ongoing world events, expect to see the full reveal timeframe shift.