Destiny 2: Leak Reveals Destiny 1 Tower Could Be Making A Comeback

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Fans have noticed that there looks to be various repairs happening around The Tower, Destiny 2's social space, and now we know what it's heading towards.

A new leak has revealed that the original Tower, the one from Destiny 1, looks set to make a comeback (thanks, Forbes).


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Destiny 2: Leak Reveals Destiny 1 Tower Making A Comeback

Check out the render below in a video from The Phoenix:


As you can see, there's an amended hangar, as well as some other changes, but the main outline looks to be making a comeback, if these "cube maps" are to be believed.

Of course, there's no guarantee, but with the new seasonal logo appearing to be the Traveler poised between the spires of The Tower, it's possible.

Not only does it appear that the Tower will be making a return, but The Phoenix seems to have found some story tidbits, too.

Season 13 will potentially introduce Uldren Sov, now known as Crow, to Zavala, with the new Guardian unaware that he was responsible for Cayde's death.


As we've written recently, Destiny 2 has plenty of issues with providing reasons to play right now, and I'm not sure an overhauled social space will cure what ails it.

Still, I'm all for some nostalgia – maybe the new Tower will come with a functioning Collections kiosk for random-rolled weapons?