Destiny 2: The State of the Vanguard Ahead Of Season 15

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Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer has been fascinating to see play out, with the seeds of distrust strewn by Savathun and the game's next big expansion, The Witch Queen, being set up by multiple threads.

Over the last few seasons we've seen the Vanguard, our cadre of legendary warriors and leaders, take centre stage - but each has been through somewhat of a journey. Here's where they all stand, ahead of Season 15.

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Destiny 2: The State of the Vanguard Ahead Of Season 15

Before we begin, a spoiler warning is in effect here in case you aren't caught up with the season's current events.

Ok, here we go:

Commander Zavala

Zavala has taken somewhat of a backseat in Season of the Splicer, having been a key part of the storyline in Season of the Chosen - almost being assassinated by a rogue Cabal cell.

He's happy for Mithrax and his people to live in the Last City, but he's also not really a part of the ongoing storyline.

Ikora Rey

Ikora has stood firm against Lakshmi-2's clear hatred of our Fallen house guests, and was the one that invited The House of Light into the Tower in the first place.

She's had the biggest role she's had in quite some time (no doubt helped by a fresh voice actor), so here's hoping we see more of her in Season 15.


Having helped save Zavala's life in Season of the Chosen, I was expecting big things from Crow in Season of the Splicer but he's been more or less absent throughout.


We've discussed Osiris at length here, but every week that passes appears to show that he's not himself.

Whether he's actually Savathun in human form or he's himself but possessed, it's hard to say, but Osiris has been shady ever since his ghost, Sagira, was killed.


Saint-14 has fast become one of my favourite characters in Destiny 2, with his exuberant personality always making me smile - particularly when he talks about Splicing using "a delightful number of grenades".

Still, it feels like he's had his arc - he was shown to be the Fallen's 'Boogeyman', and while his relationship with Osiris could mean he plays a key part in the next season/expansion, I worry there will be too much to focus on and he'd get a little lost in the shuffle anyway.

Eris Morn, The Drifter, and The Exo Stranger

The Stasis trio have been quiet since Beyond Light, where they took a much more prominent role in shaping how our Guardian views Stasis.

With Eris being our authority on all-things Hive (except for Drifter, who can tell you what they taste like), it could be that the two of them play a bigger role as Savathun approaches.

Then there's The Exo Stranger, Elsie Bray. With her knowledge of multiple timelines, there's the potential for her to form a big part of the fight against Savathun.

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