Destiny 2 Season Of The Worthy: Reddit reaction to huge new update

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is almost here, and it brings with it a fresh Season Pass, new exotic items, and other new content for intrepid Guardians to experience.

As you'd imagine, Destiny's fanbase has a lot to say, and it ranges from the humorous to the downright incredible in terms of what they've uncovered from the game's new trailer.


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Here are some of the finest takes from the r/DestinyTheGame subreddit.

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Reddit Exotic Weapon

As it turns out, you may actually be able to see an exotic for quite literally under a second in the new Season of the Worthy trailer. It does not appear in any promotional art for the season, it’s not even on the roadmap.


You can see it below, and you might be able to tell what it is if you're a die-hard Destiny fan. One player obviously is, as they pointed it out to the rest of us that this is literally a Cabal Slug thrower that Colossuses used against us in the game.

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy Reddit Reactions

u/BravePumpkins points out that Destiny's Tower (humanity's last city) is about to be destroyed, but the Vanguard has deemed this the perfect time to begin an Olympic-style contest.

u/BingoFlex has crunched the numbers, ascertaining that the new Tommy's Matchbook exotic weapon is the game's first 900RPM exotic by calculating the speed of the trailer's music. No, really.


u/JSuperStition jokes that the loading times to get into the Tower means that the Almighty, the Cabal capital ship, won't reach it anytime soon.