Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy Patch Notes: Quality of life and loading time updates for new content

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is almost here, and it brings with it a fresh Season Pass, new exotic items, and other new content.

That isn't all, though, with changes coming to the game's quest long and fixes to loading times.

There will also be a big change to Armour 2.0. 

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Here are all the patch notes we have so far.

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Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes ahead of Season of the Worthy - as revealed by Bungie's blog post.




BarricadeRaised Barricade health from 500 to 600Barricades now take extra damage from special-ammo weapons, anti-barrier weapons, and certain power weaponsThe following weapons do 30% extra damage to BarricadesSniper RiflesGrenade LaunchersLinear Fusion RiflesMachine GunsTrace RiflesAnti-Barrier WeaponsThe following weapons do 60% extra damage to Barricades

ShotgunsFusion RiflesShoulder Charges (Hammer Strike, Seismic Strike, Shield Bash)Lunge auto-targeting angle decreased by 50%Targeted lunge movement distance decreased from 6m to 5.5mUntargeted lunge movement distance increased from 4.5m to 5.5mBonus damage vs. low-tier PvE combatants reduced by 20%StrikerFist of Havoc SuperIncreased cost of light attack from 11.5% to 12.5% (Bottom Tree increased from 3% to 4.5%)Reduced cost of heavy attack from 25% to 21%Code of the Juggernaut

Frontal AssaultReduced duration from 15 to 12 secondsNo longer increases weapon equip speedWeapon stability bonus decreased from 75 to 44Code of the MissileBallistic SlamIncreased knockback significantlyNow procs inertia override on hitBonus damage vs. low-tier PvE combatants reduced by 20%Inertia OverrideAdded 0.5 second activation delayNote: This change was made to allow the Titan to make the most of its durationAbility indicator now displays time remainingThundercrashIncreased damage resistance while in super from 49% to 53%Made flight speed more consistentIncreased detonation damage from 3200 to 3900Impact ConversionReduced super-energy gain per hit from 4% to 3%SunbreakerCode of the DevastatorBurning MaulReduced idle super duration from 28 seconds to 25 secondsHeavy-slam explosion is now less likely to deal damage through coverAdded damage falloff to heavy-slam explosionFixed an issue in which ground follow attacks can go through walls


GunslingerTripmine GrenadeCan now stick to enemy players and combatantsReduced base damage to 140Damage remains at 160 when used with Young Ahamkara's Spine exoticWay of a Thousand CutsBlade BarrageKnife impact damage increased from 35 to 48Reduced knife detonation radius from 5m to 3mShould no longer apply large amounts of knockback to tanky combatantsWay of the SharpshooterWeighted KnifeReduced tracking strengthChanged tracking style to reduce the chance of the knife being pulled away from its intended targetArcstriderGeneralFixed an issue in which players in Arcstaff were able to dodge infinitely even after the super energy has been depletedWay of the CurrentTempest StrikeReduced auto-targeting angle by 50%Bonus damage vs. low-tier PvE combatants reduced by 20%Way of the WindFocused BreathingIncreased activation delay while sprinting from 0.25 seconds to 1.0 secondReduced dodge recharge rate bonus by 10%Combat MeditationReduced grenade and melee recharge rate increase while health is critical from 500% to 400%Lightning ReflexesReduced Damage Reduction during dodge in PvP from 40% to 32%NightstalkerWay of the PathfinderMoebius QuiverIncreased time limit from 8 seconds to 10 secondsIncreased time limit from 10 seconds to 12 seconds when used with Orpheus RigCombat ProvisionIncreased melee recharge on grenade damage from 6% to 8%Increased grenade recharge when you turn an ally invisible from 17.5% to 24%


Basic MeleeExtended melee range from 4.5m to 5.5mThe Warlock melee range is now one meter longer than Titan and Hunter meleesAll Warlock melee abilities that had a 4.5m range now have a 5.5m rangeNote: Ophidian Aspect melee range is unchanged at 6.5mStormcallerStormtrance Damage ramp-up now falls off more slowly after releasing attack buttonAttunement of Conduction

Arc Web

Reduced chain damage from 36 to 27Reduced grenade energy recharge on chain3% to 2% in PvE10% to 8% in PvPReduced chain range from 12m to 11mIonic BlinkIncreased super-energy cost from 4% to 6%Reduced range of blink from 4.5m to 4.2mChain Lightning MeleeReduced chain damage from 31 to 27Attunement of Control

Ionic Trace

Increased leyline height so its more easily collected while airborneIncreased leyline travel speed by 14%Increased leyline turn speed by 83%Chaos ReachIncreased beam endpoint radius from 2m to 2.4mReduced intensity of VFX to improve visibilityAttunement of the ElementsElectrostatic SurgeNow correctly increases class-ability regen when near alliesNote: Was mistakenly increasing Super regen previouslyVoidwalkerAttunement of FissionHandheld SupernovaReduced range by 20%Increased activation time by 0.6 secondsReduced hold time from 3.5 seconds to 2.5 secondsBolt explosion now does self damageTightened horizontal spread of bolts by 25%Reduced bolt explosion radius from 3m to 2.5mNova WarpIncreased damage reduction from 49% to 51%Increased idle super duration from 22 seconds to 24 secondsReduced cost of Dark Blink by 12.5%Dark MatterIncreased grenade recharge on kill from 10% to 14%Attunement of HungerVortexIncreased linger duration from 5 seconds to 7 secondsReduced linger damage per tick from 27 to 24Increased projectile speed by 33%Nova Bomb kills now proc DevourDevourIncreased Devour duration from 10 seconds to 11 secondsInsatiableKills now grant between 16% and 24% grenade energy depending on the tier of enemy killedPlayer kills are 24%DawnbladeAttunement of SkyHeat RisesFixed an issue in which Heat Rises buff was causing combatants to ignore youIcarus DashFixed an issue in which Icarus Dash cooldown was interfering with the Daybreak dodge


Increased the number of armor sets available from world drops to 11 sets, up from 3. Several sets that were previously unavailable or extremely difficult to come by are now available as world drops.Armor EnergyYou can now change the energy type of any piece of armor to either of the other two energy types directly from the armor piece's inspection screen by hovering the cursor over the armor's energy icon.The cost of changing the armor to another energy type at energy value 1 is 1 Upgrade Module.You can also change the armor to another energy type at the equivalent energy value to its current energy value. The cost for doing so is 1 Upgrade Module + the aggregate cost of upgrading from energy value 1 to its current energy value.Armor StatsPrime Engrams will now more reliably drop armor with higher overall stat rolls and spikier distributions.Exotic armor will now more reliably drop with higher overall stat rollsLegendary armor now has an improved chance of receiving higher overall stat rolls, though low rolls will still be presentArmor ModsThe seasonal armor mod socket (i.e. Undying Mods, Dawn Mods) can now equip mods released during the season in which it was released, plus the previous season and the following season.For example, armor with the Dawn Mod socket (from Season 9) can now equip Dawn Mods, Undying Mods (from Season 8), and Worthy Mods (from Season 10)The Hands-On mod now provides energy on projectile melee kills (such as the hunter's throwing knife)Enhanced armor mods have been added to cover all weapon types for all armor mods that have an enhanced version.



Assassin's CowlThe invisibility and healing effect now triggers on powered melee (both against combatants and Guardians) and finishersThe duration of the invisibility granted by this exotic increases based on the tier of the enemy defeatedArc Staff kills no longer activate this perkFROST-EE5Changed the ability regeneration so that it no longer stacks multiplicatively with other class ability energy generating perks. Khepri's StingAll of your smoke bombs deal 150% damage while wearing this exoticOrpheus RigsThe maximum amount of Super you can regain from this exotic with a single use of Shadowshot is 50%.Young Ahamkara's SpineIncreases the explosion radius for tripmines by 14%.


Ashen WakeKilling an enemy with a Fusion Grenade while wearing this exotic now refunds grenade energy. The amount of grenade energy refunded scales based on the tier of enemy killed.Anteus WardsThe shield created during a slide no longer allows chip damage throughDoomfang PauldronsFixed an issue where Doomfang Pauldrons would sometimes grant Super energy from melee kills while in your SuperDunemarchersIncrease the radius of static charge to 20 meters, up from 12 meters. Mk. 44 Stand AsidesReduced the delay from the start of sprinting until the overshield comes in to 0.5 seconds, down from 1.25 seconds.One-Eyed MaskThe target marking from this exotic has been replaced with target highlighting, eliminating the ability to detect targets through wallsNo longer provides a damage bonus when defeating your marked targetRestored the previous overshield granted by defeating your marked target, which now has a duration of 6 seconds (down from 8)Severance EnclosureThe explosion now triggers on powered melee (both against combatants and Guardians) and finishersThe radius and damage of the explosion created by this exotic increases based on the tier of the enemy defeated


Apotheosis VeilThis exotic is now guaranteed to drop with a minimum +16 to Intellect.Contraverse HoldReduced the damage reduction granted by this exotic to 20%, down from 40%Sanguine AlchemyCompletely redesigned with a new perk, Blood Magic, that allows the wearer to pause the countdown timer of any rift they are standing in by getting weapon kills, extending the rift's duration.Ophidian AspectsNow increases the lunge range of all Warlock melee attacks, even if the ability is on cooldown.Verity's BrowThe buff provided by this exotic now increases your grenade damage by 10% per stackThe buff to allies' grenade recharge rates now kicks in when you cast your grenadeThe wearer of this exotic now receives buff text notification indicating how many allies are currently benefiting from your increased grenade recharge


ExoticsIzanagi's BurdenHoned Edge's animation is no longer affected by reload speed.Outlaw has been replaced with No Distractions.The Last WordFan FireNow adjusts the precision scalar of the weapon while hip-firingImpact values have been adjusted68.27/52.2 Precision Hip/ADS (Previously 67.95/67.95)38/38 Non-Precision Hip/ADS: (Previously 50.01/50.01)Aiming down sights no longer provides additional effective range (damage falloff) for this weaponReduced stability for Mouse and Keyboard inputAdjusted the way target acquisition is handled for this weapon in hipfire to improve the experienceReduced the effective range of this weaponFighting LionDue to backend changes with the grenade launcher archetype, Fighting Lion inherited minor adjustmentsRate of Fire increased from 72 RPM to 90 RPMDirect hit damage in PvE is now 35 (Previously 27)Devil's RuinFixed an bug that allowed Pyrogenesis to proc in unintended circumstances, allowing the laser to be fired repeatedlySymmetryFixed an issue that caused the weapon to randomly stop firing.Fixed an issue where this weapon could damage allies under some circumstancesLord of WolvesRelease the Wolves now significantly reduces the accuracy of the weapon while active.Reduced stability for Mouse and Keyboard input


Sword attacks for all sword types have been altered, generally increased in efficacy to account for the energy system.Sword stats are now the following:ImpactSwing SpeedCharge RateHow fast this weapon recharges its energy.Guard ResistanceDamage reduction while guarding with this weapon against most attacks.Guard EfficiencyReduces the amount of energy required to guard an attack.Guard EnduranceHow long you can maintain your guard with this weapon.Ammo CapacityEnergySwords now replace your melee ability with the Sword's energy meter while wielded. This energy recovers naturally on its own and is consumed by different Sword related actions.Light attacksLight attack strings can now be endlessly looped on all sword sub-archetypes.Light attacks for all sub-archetypes can now cleave to hit multiple enemies.Heavy attacksHeavy attacks have consume your Sword's energy when activated.Note: Different swords can consume different amount of energy based on the attack used.If your energy is full, your heavy attack is stronger. The reverse is also true.Guard actionGuarding no longer consumes ammo, but instead uses the Sword's energy while active.Note: You still require a minimum of 1 available ammo to begin guarding.Shield BypassA portion of damage from Sword attacks now bypass elemental shields to strike the target directly.Note: There are exceptions to this rule, particularly for projectile based attacks that Swords generate.

Sword Perks

Whirlwind BladeThis effect will now also end if the player guards.Multi-Hit attacks no longer count as more than one hit.En GardeReduced the damage bonus from +50% to +30%Shattering BladeReduced the damage bonus from 3x to ~1.67xEnergy TransferReduced the amount of ability energy gained from this perk due to Guard no longer consuming ammunitionCounterattackChanged the activation requirements:Blocking an attack immediately after guarding increases damage for a short duration.Duration is now 2 seconds (Previously 5)Glide can no longer be activated during sword attacks or other full body melee attacks.

Grenade Launchers

Aggressive Frame grenade launchers are now Rapid-Fire Frame grenade launchersRapid-Fire Frame grenade launchers have had their damage reduced to account for their Rate of Fire (0.8x), but now also have increased reserves.Previously, Aggressive Frame grenade launchers fired faster than Adaptive but had the same damage.Damage to Major enemies and above by Power weapon grenade launchers reduced by ~10%

Sniper Rifles

Damage to Major enemies and above reduced to pre Shadowkeep values (~-20%)Adaptive SnipersReduced precision multiplier from 3.25x to 2.95xRapid-Fire SnipersReduced base impact from 100 damage to 90 damage


Target acquisition for non slug shotguns has been adjusted to no longer account for precision locations.Previously, target acquisition could actually cause the player's spread to deviate from the intended aim vector, causing most of the spread to miss.

Cone angle is now adjusted on a per sub-archetype basis and is no longer adjusted by the Range stat.Aiming down sights no longer adjusts effective range for this weapon archetype

Fusion Rifles

Target acquisition for fusion rifles has been adjusted to no longer account for precision locations.Previously, target acquisition could actually cause the player's volley to deviate from the intended aim vector, causing most of the volley to miss.Damage falloff for this weapon archetype can now floor at 0.5x (Previously 0.75x)Effective range and the impact of the optics stat for this weapon archetype has been reduced across the board.

Auto Rifles

The following impact values have changed:

Precision Frame17/27.2 Default/Precision (Previously 17/25.5)Adaptive Frame15.75/25.2 Default/Precision (Previously 13.75/22)Rapid-Fire Frame13.4/20.1 Default/Precision (Previously 12.5/18.75)

Weapon Perks

Backup PlanBackup plan now adjusts impact to match the Rapid-Fire sub-archetype while active.Charge time is now set to match the Rapid-Fire's sub-archetype * 0.85 while active.One-Two PunchThe effect now ends upon dealing melee damage or swapping weapons.GeneralFixed issue with emissive elements on the following weapons and ornamentsOne Thousand VoicesSummer Storm for RiskrunnerJade Countenance for Fighting LionFixed an issue where Multikill Clip would remain active indefinitely.Fixed an issue where killing Shanks with Lumina would not reliably generate a Remnant.Fixed an issue where Wish-Ender would deal more damage than intended when shooting through certain objects.Fixed an issue where large portions of the Packmaster's Command ornament for Lord of Wolves would disappear when standing next to a wall.



Stat TrackersEmblems now use an updated details screen to support Stat Trackers.All Emblems now have Stat Trackers that can be equipped and unequippedThe Stat Trackers available on an emblem are related to the emblem's source/category.Stat Trackers are broken down into categories based on Activity and Time-spanActivity Categories are:SeasonsAccountCrucibleDestinationGambitRaidsStrikesTrials of OsirisTime Span Categories are:WeeklySeasonalCareer**Note: Career stats respect pre-Season 10 data where possible but otherwise will begin tracking in Season 10All of the AboveStat Trackers can become Gilded when Stats reach certain thresholdsStat Trackers now have their own dedicated section, which players can access through the Triumphs screen.Stat Trackers are categorized into Seasonal, Weekly, Career and All. Stat Trackers are sub-categorized by Stat Tracker type.Feature Triumphs on the Triumphs overview have been reduced from displaying 3 to 1CollectionsThe Emblem collection has been reorganized to reflect the Stat Trackers structureEmblem VariantsEmblem Variants have been converted into their own Emblem itemsEmblem Perks and AurasEmblem Perks and Auras have been removed from Emblems.


Clan Banner Perks have been updated for Season 10


ShipsFixed an effects issue on Lost Legend's enginesGhostsFixed an animation issue with Sanctum Plate ShellSparrowsUpdated thruster effects for Dawning sparrows Chill of Winter and Holiday CheerFixed effects issues for Azure Azazyel and The Bronco


The season 9 Fond Memories Bright Engram has been retired, and in its place players can now obtain the new Season 10 Luminous Bright EngramBright Engrams are no longer available for purchase in the Eververse store, and instead can only be earned by leveling up the Season PassIn place of the Bright Engram, the Eververse store now offers a Silver sale item that will refresh dailyThe Gunsmith now has a chance of selling Season 9 seasonal armor mods"Improved Crucible Scanner" Ghost Shell perk has been created and has a chance to roll on Crucible-themed GhostsTwo new consumables are available in the Eververse store for Bright Dust, the Scavenger's Boon and the Glimmershard (both 250 Bright Dust each)Scavenger's Boon:When used, this item causes enemies killed with precision damage to have a chance to drop Planetary Materials when defeatedThe effect lasts 4 hoursNote that only one Scavenger's Boon can be active at a timeGlimmershard:When used, this item causes bosses to have a chance to drop additional Glimmer when defeatedThe effect lasts 4 hoursNote that only one Glimmershard can be active at a timeMultiple bugs fixed to ensure various Legendary Engram previews accurately represent their contentsShadowkeep campaign reward exotic armor now has the proper source string in CollectionsEververse store bundles with prices that have been reduced due to owning some of the contents no longer are advertised as "Sale", and instead read "Complete the Set"Season 8 weapons acquired from the Season Pass now have a valid source string in CollectionsSeveral multiplayer emotes that had an item type of "Emote" now have the correct item type on their tooltip, "Multiplayer Emote"Year 3 exotic armor items in Xur's inventory now properly require Shadowkeep instead of the Season PassMod Components no longer dismantle as a stack


Updated XP rewards from Mars ambient chests and public spaces to be consistent with Shadowkeep values.Reduced the power of the incomplete version of 'Legend of Acrius' when purchased from a vendor.Paid character boosts raise the player to the new soft cap of 950.Note: Players cannot purchase a character boost until their first character has reached the soft cap.


Fixed an issue where some items were not being properly displayed in Collections.Fixed an issue where players don't receive a "Fireteam Chat Not Available" message when Steam is down.Fixed an issue where tracking a pursuit would dismiss the Release Icon.Fixed an issue where incorrect icons were appearing during "The Other Side" mission.Fixed an issue where Open Fireteam slots were being displayed after dismissing activity selection.Fixed an issue where a placeholder tooltip could appear while in Orbit.Fixed an issue that caused some Graphical Corruption when navigating to the Seasons screen.Fixed an issue where the Rank 50 toast would display overlapping numbers.Fixed an issue where we displayed a misalignment in the Post-Purchase Animation.Fixed an issue where the Launch Overlay would not dismiss when navigating to the Quests Screen.Console Settings UI screen layouts have changed to match the experience on PC, allowing for future updates.Settings that use the carousel selection method can now be navigated using d-pad input when focused.Added a Favorite augment over the Finisher icon to easily determine which Finishers are currently the player's favorites.Added game hints during loading screens.Added the ability to change the color of the Reticle on Consoles.Players can choose from 7 different colors, matching PC.Added a Completion State to Seasons Pass Bonuses.Added Categories to the Quests Screen.Quest Items will now be automatically filtered to any of the seven categories:New LightNote: This category will hide if there are no active New Light quests in the character's inventory.All QuestsShadowkeepSeasonalPlaylistsExoticsThe PastThe Quest tab will now display a sheen animation when there are new quest items available.The sheen is dismissed by hovering over the new quest item.Added comma separators to the Glimmer count in the loot stream.No longer keeps me awake at night.Changing fireteams on the PVP Private Matches Launch Screen now uses Left/Right buttons.Players can now see which Seasons they own by looking at the Season Rank tooltip in the Seasons Screen.


(Frontline is a team dedicated to fixing an assortment of issues, no matter their area. Say hello!)


Changes were made to Cabal Psion's Psionic Rupture ground attack to improve client performance during heated engagements.Elite, Mini-Boss, and Boss nameplates will now correctly display as "friendly" when invading during Gambit matches.The Hunter Tempest strike melee ability can now be performed when using PC controls where Sprint is set to "Hold".Titan Sunbreaker melee ability "Mortar Blast" will now more consistently deliver its detonation damage in Crucible.Friendly projectiles that travel along the ground will pass through ally Titan Banner Shields. Burning Maul and Voidwall Grenade are examples of abilities that generate ground follow projectiles. Hunter exotic "Liar's Handshake" Cross Counter melee damage buff will now expire as intended after picking up a carry object (such as a Forge Battery)Fixed an issue where Hunter's would remain off radar for too long when coming out of invisibility while crouched. Getting killed by "The Cut and Run" scout rifle now properly displays an Obituary icon in the battle feed.Character Sub-Classes with ranged melee abilities will now count towards Melee Kill bounties and Triumphs. (These include Titan Hammer Throw, Hunter Throwing Knives and Corrosive Smoke Bomb, and Warlock Celestial Fire and Ball Lightning.)Weekly Strike Bounties for Hive and Vex boss kills will now award progress to players for killing Savathun's Song (Shrieker Boss), Xol (Hive Worm God), and the Garden World strike's Vex Cyclops Boss.The Inspect Player function for the PS4 "Jumper" button layout will now properly trigger off of holding L1+R1 as indicated.Hunters should no longer be able to get into an "immune to damage" state using a Sword and the Card Shuffle emote.

Player Identity


Crucible Triumph Challenge Accepted now requires 10 Weekly Challenges to complete.The "Additional Bounties" from Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit vendors will now progress their corresponding Daily Bounty Triumphs; Vanguard Agent, Mercenary and Daily Bounty.The Fastidious Miser Triumph will now be correctly progressed and completed for Players who've found all 30 Ascendant Chests across the three Curse Weeks in the Dreaming City, and have claimed those corresponding Triumphs.The "Earned while leveling" mods will now properly show as unlocked in Collections across all categories.  (Ex. Chest: Unflinching Light Arms Aim mod)Removed a duplicate Worldline Zero Catalyst Triumph entry.The Black Talon Catalyst Triumph will now correctly progress and complete from Black Talon kills, instead of Lord of Wolves.The Forsaken Triumph 'WANTED: The Rifleman' can now be obtained from either killing the Rifleman or upon completion the corresponding Adventure mission.This addresses a rare issue where a player may not receive credit for killing the Rifleman before the mission ended.


The Sound effects from Warlock exotic "Transversive Steps" will now trigger only when a player has reserve ammo to refill their current weapon's magazine.Black Armory Schematics can now be dismantled.  Dismantling will delete a single Schematic from the stack.Obtaining the MIDA Catalyst is no longer impeded by playing with Clanmates.  Drop rates were adjusted and now properly scale with the Clan "Catalyst Seeker" Perk bonus.Added drop chance for wins at Glory Rank 3 Fabled (5% without Clan bonus, 10% with Clan bonus)Increased drop chance for wins at Glory Rank 4 Mythic (5% > 10% without Clan bonus, 10% > 30% with Clan bonus)Now guaranteed drop for any win at Glory Rank 5 Legend.The Well Well Well Gambit Invasion Medal Triumph now has an icon.The Prime Attunement buff will now appear for any new characters upon reaching 900 Power, even if previous character was deleted.Tess will no longer present the player with an empty Solstice of Heroes Gift screen.


The Rifleman will no longer occasionally disappear during the boss fight, prematurely ending the mission.Crucible quest step "Forging the Broadsword - The constant" now specifically points players to complete Crucible Daily bounties.The Malfeasance exotic quest no longer requires owning the Forsaken expansion. Players who pick-up the New Light Malfeasance Intro quest will now be awarded the "Darkness In the Light" quest step upon killing the Ascendant Servitor Primeval boss.Addressed an issue with placing the tribute banner to open the Tribute Hall doors.  New Players, as well as any Players who were previously unable to, can now correctly place the banner, completing "The Tribute Hall" introduction quest. Improved Performance during the final boss fight of Garden of Salvation Raid.Players should no longer be able to cause players to be kicked to Orbit during Crucible matches by repeatedly performing Titan Bubbles and Warlock Wells of Radiance.Fixed and issue where players were having to wait for others to load in when traveling to the Tower.


Music volume is applied immediately instead of after the Bungie splash screen.PC Client: fixed an issue that could slow load times for some users when the game wasn’t in focus(Alt-tabbed to another window).GeneralThe Pigeon and the Phoenix lore book pages are now visible for players who earned them. Acquiring the Bastion Exotic Weapon will unlock all pages.Dawning 2019 Gifts were well past their expiration date and can now be safely discarded.Dawning Exotic Sparrow pursuit can no longer be acquired from Eva's abandoned quests section during other events.Gambit and Crucible melee kills bounties will now properly count projectile melee abilities like Celestial Fire, Ball Lightning, and Throwing Knife.


Trials of Osiris returns at last!Talk to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar to begin your Trials journey. The Trials playlist will first become available on Friday, 3\13.The Anomaly, Cauldron, and Exodus Blue have been added to the Crucible map rotation. These maps will now appear in most playlists.Fixed a large number of out-of-environment bugs on Distant Shore.Fixed a large number of out-of-environment bugs on Fragment.


Fixed UI stuttering and framerate drops when loading or applying modsImproved framerate in Gambit and Gambit PrimeFixed framerate issues during the Sanctified Mind encounter of the Garden of Salvation RaidFixed framerate issues in the Pit of Heresy Dungeon, specifically in tunnel encountersFixed stutter at high framerate on PCGeneral improvements to performance on PC when a lot of debris is on the groundLoad time is no longer tied to framerate