Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy: Fourth Horseman guide – where to find exotic shotgun, what it does, and where to find Zavala's office

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is finally here, and that means there's plenty of fun to be had earning new weapons.

Among them is the Fourth Horseman, an exotic shotgun that packs a punch up close.


Here's how to earn it.

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy: Fourth Horseman Guide

What is the Fourth Horseman?

The Fourth Horseman was an exotic shotgun that could be found in the original Destiny's Dark Below DLC, before being reworked in the Taken King expansion.

With an arc-affinity and a full-auto mode, it was deadly against mobs of enemies in PVE, or in the Crucible.


If you look at the Season of the Worthy key art, you can see Zavala is holding the weapon.

How to get the Fourth Horseman

Head over to Zavala, the Titan Vanguard, in the Tower to collect the 'In Rides a Pale Horse' quest.

Zavala's Office

You'll need to find Zavala's office, and with a place this snazzy we're not sure why he insists on standing atop the Tower's battlements.

Head to Banshee, the gunsmith, and find the corner next to his desk to find a staircase. Head down, cross a bridge, and enter Zavala's office.

The office has a vault, but you'll need a bit of cunning to get in. Underneath the stairs from the office to the vault, you can find a vent. Follow the path (with some jumping) until you end up in another staircase area. Here, jump on some crates and through the ceiling and then into the vault.


Off to Mars

Zavala will send you to see Ana Bray, who will task you with killing Cabal and completing public events on Mars. For the best results, jump into Escalation Protocol.

More Grinding

Good news – there's more grinding to be done. Head anywhere you'll find Cabal and either open their chests or kill Cabal Psions to advance the quest.

To make things easier, add a Ghost shell that can locate chests for you.

Back To Base

Once you've done that, head back to the Tower and visit Benedict 99-40. He's the sweeper robot that's actually a Cabal spy, found near Hawthorne and the Black Armory.


More Grinding (Again)

Time to head to the EDZ and kill enemies and complete patrol missions and public events. We'd recommend stocking up on Bounties, since this'll take a while.

Back To Base (Again)

Head back to Benedict, and he'll pinpoint the Fourth Horseman's location. It's on the EDZ, in a Legendary Lost Sector called The Quarry.

It'll be a bit of a fight, so you'll want to run it with a fireteam and with your Seraph Bunker levelled up. Once you've done it, the Fourth Horseman is yours.